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Thoughts on Leadership 401

Thoughts on Leadership 401
Submitted by Will Highsmith, Decryption Editor

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After completing Leadership 101, 201, and 301 several years ago, I was able to attend the Northeast Conference and complete Leadership 401 along with nineteen other companions and one lady on September 11, 2021. The course exceeded my expectations. S. Lane Pierce is an extremely talented presenter and had a mastery of the material.

The course focused on the words we choose, and how they affect the thoughts of those listening to us. He also talked about the four different communication styles and how we could better communicate and influence others by learning and speaking to their styles. The course concluded with an explanation of how to structure presentations to better engage these communication styles.

Personally, learning that I had an Auditory digital communication style helped me better understand how I process the information that I receive. We also learned how to identity the different communication styles which allows us to mirror the style of the person we are communicating with in order to more effectively communicate with them. The presentation structuring method taught by the course was also useful. It will come in handy as I develop presentations in Masonry and in my professional life. The method takes into account communication styles, and how to keep listeners with the various communication styles engaged during a presentation.

The York Rite Leadership Courses are a hidden gem, and I would strongly encourage any companion or member of our Masonic family to pursue taking them. You can apply at The training is offered at York Rite Regional Conferences. The courses cost your time and the money to get the location where they are being offered. It is a great use of your resources that will help you in Masonry and your personal and professional life.

Personally, I have taken multiple leadership courses through Scouting (Wood Badge, the Order of the Arrow\’s National Leadership Seminar and National Lodge Adviser Training Seminar, and various other courses). I have also completed the High Performance Leadership Program offered by the Professional Development Academy and other leadership classes in Masonry and churches. There is some of the content from the York Rite Leadership Courses especially 401 that I have never seen elsewhere. I would urge you to investigate the York Rite Leadership Courses and think strongly about taking them.

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