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North Central Region Happenings

North Central Region Happenings
Submitted by Steve Balke, General Grand Recorder, Cryptic Masons International

Anthony T. Johnson
North Central Regional Deputy General Grand Master


On early June 1, a regional conference call was held wih the North Central Region Grand Recorders. These calls will be mentioned in the Decryption as a way to nofify every Companion of what is happening with each Region. The Jurisdictional Highlights of the call are below. Other Regional Calls will be covered in the upcoming weeks.

  • Electronic Meetings
    • General Grand is working on alternatives and recommendations for how to navigate electronic meetings.
      • The Triennial alternative plans.
      • Providing platforms for electronic means.
      • If electronic, Special GG Assembly at earliest opportunity (where many members will also be).
  • General Grand Resources
    • Electronic Conferencing
      • Zoom – Used for the last two years, no malware apparent.
        • Upgraded to 500 users
      • – Not recommending due to experienced bandwidth issues.
    • Voting
      • Article prepared by Companion Len Roughgarden for New Mexico: Available here
      • Review by measures.
      • Avoid chat discussion on votes.
    • Feedback – Dr. Murphy – All the research is on hold for now except for actual ongoing trials – still doing some research for non-human contact projects.
    • Specific stem cells designated for a project so they were retasked to do COVID research – preliminary success for threating systems.
    • Seeking people who are interested in running for the Board of Trustees for the At-Large positions – deadline for submission 15 July. Ensure people are ready to be a part of an active working Board.
    • We have a 4th board space open to those who are outside the United States, specifically put in place to encourage participation outside the USA.
    • We had our first electronic board meeting, another one is scheduled for 15 July.
  • North Central Conference
    • Meetings in Negotiation
    • Think that the hotel is contracted for 3 years.
    • October
    • Rancona – Contract for 21
  • Updates
    • Nebraska
      • No in person meetings – 30 June – May be extended.
        • Governor restrictions to 25 people.
      • Installations over Zoom for Chapter and Council
      • No other activities.
    • Minnesota
      • Grand Officers meetings every month.
      • Started a Recorders meeting every month. (Propagating to the Dais)
      • June 26th – Microsoft Teams – Backup – Zoom on GGC
      • Going Electronic on 6/26-27 – Grand Council 26th 1:00PM
    • Iowa
      • Limited to 10 people and lots of restrictions.
      • Grand Commandery – 6/6
      • Grand Council – In Person Meeting planned 8/15
      • Grand Chapter – 8/1
    • North Dakota
      • Zoom – 7/11 (may adopt for future)
      • Wednesday planning meeting.
      • Steve will follow up with GM &/or GR
    • South Dakota
      • Grand Sessions Cancelled.
      • Officers staying in place.
    • Wisconsin
      • Grand Chapter is extending offer to recombine sessions with Grand Council.
      • 6/13 – Grand Commandery Meeting.
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