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Lisa M. Rhew, First Responder Award

Submitted by Illustrious Companion John Walson Jr., Grand Council of North Carolina

Lisa M. Rhew


After some delay, Illustrious Companion John Walston had an opportunity to honor an old college friend who has worked for 30+ years in law enforcement, starting as a part of the University of North Carolina law enforcement community and later moving to the Communications Center of the Cary Police Department in Cary, NC. Companion Walston met Ms. Lisa M. Rhew when she was first a student at UNC-W in Wilmington, NC and he worked for the UNC-W Campus Police Department. She later was hired by the Campus Police Department and worked with them for several years before returning the metro-Raleigh area. After they reconnected a few years back on Facebook, IC John Walston learned that she was still a part of the Law Enforcement community, as had been her mother. IC Walston felt her dedication was exactly what was embodied by the General Grand Council\’s 1st Responder Award and nominate her for the honor. Though unable to present it in person due to the COVID-19 restrictions, it was forwarded to her and she had the opportunity to show it to her colleges at work.

Ms. Rhew sent the following in response to receiving this recognition:

John Walston and Members of the Grand Council,

Thank you for selecting me to receive the First Responder Award.  I am honored and grateful that you selected me for this prestigious award as the first Female and Telecommunicator in the State of NC to receive this recognition.  When I first started in Public Safety almost 30 yrs. ago, I never did it with the intention of recognition.  I am just one person in this field of many that are dedicated to doing our part to assist those that need our assistance.  Often as Telecommunicators we are the ones behind the scenes on the telephone and on the radio, however no one really sees the important part that we play in the initial link in the chain of survival and help.  Everyday thousands of Telecommunicators go to work just like me in all situations without even as much as a thank you for all that we do behind the scenes, so to receive this recognition from you all means a lot to me.  I accept this recognition with honor and share with all the 9-1-1 Telecommunicators in NC.


Lisa M. Rhew
Sr Emergency Communications Officer
Cary Police Department

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