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Let\’s Take a Closer Look at the CODEX

Let\’s Take a Closer Look at the CODEX
Submitted By Companion Brian Ragain, RN, Area Coordinator


The newest piece of equipment in use by CMMRF’s Dr. Michael Murphy at Indiana University is the CODEX, or CO-Detection by indEXing is an Ultrahigh Multiplexed Imager used to take a closer took at the cellular mechanisms of proteins and their relationship to cells. In other words, this is the machine that will let our researchers take a deeper look into the cell and determine a better, faster course of action. To put it more simply, it takes a standard microscope and turns it into a much better microscope.

Imagine watching The Wizard of Oz on an old black and white television, but now you can watch it on a large, color television with much more detail. With this new CODEX equipment, we now have the advantage of taking an ordinary, limited view of a cell and enhancing it to show dozens of cellular parts that were previously not distinguishable thorough the ordinary microscopes. The colors are provided by the reagents and each color represents a protein. These proteins each represent a part of the cell that the research scientist might be looking for or might be trying to avoid. We no longer have to guess at the proteins; we have access to the entire map!

Below are some pictures of the cells and how the reagents affect them. Our Drive for $75,000 will ensure that Dr. Murphy has every one of the reagents needed to perform his research to it’s fullest capability and to potentially advance our research at an exponential speed not otherwise possible without these reagents and equipment. Let’s give Dr. Murphy the tools to succeed!

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