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From the Editor: Guidelines and Appreciations

From the Editor
By Illustrious Companion Will Highsmith
Decryption Editor

Will Highsmith
Decryption Editor



Greetings, this is the 13th issue of the Decryption in 2020 out of 15 weeks, and things are going well.  We have 1,563 subscribers and 199 were added in the last twelve months.  We could use your help promoting the newsletter to interested Companions.  The sign-up link is:

As the newsletter grows, there is need for further regulation to ensure it maintains its Cryptic nature and consistency.  To this end, the General Grand Master, General Grand Recorder, and myself have developed the following requisites.

  • No solicitation for any kind of office unless it is approved by the General Grand Master (No references will be made for any other organization)
  • Any person contributing under the auspices or relating to the General Grand Council should be pictured in a purple jacket, tuxedo with purple accoutrements or dark suit.  If this is not available, an authorized or royalty free image should be provided with a photo credit.
  • Contributing articles from another organization must be approved in writing by the leadership of the other organization, reference the body and provide the leadership\’s contact information; and are submitted directly to the Editor or submitted by the General Grand Master.
  • Generally, all articles should be cited correctly and all images should be credited.
  • No use of profanity or promotion of illegal or Unmasonic activities will be published.

One of the main challenges of the newsletter is content, we accept submissions e-mailed to but we typically do not receive many.  A large portion of the content has been coming from several individuals who I would like to recognize:

  • Illustrious Companion Jack Holloway wrote many articles on the Bible and it\’s relation to Cryptic Masonry.
  • Most Illustrious Companion John D. Barnes recently provided us with articles from a Trestleboard he did which we have started to use.
  • Right Illustrious Companion Jarod Stanley has started to provide puzzles in each issue.
  • Illustrious Companion Adam Hathaway has been providing intersting education articles from members of the General Grand Council Education Committee or Guest Authors.  Articles can be submitted to the Committee at
  • Illustrious Companion Brain Ragain, RN has produced a series of articles detailing the work of CMMRF.  These have been a great addition and have furthered Companions\’ understanding of our charity.
  • Right Puissant Companion Stephen Balke has been a great help gathering articles and regular contributors.  He has also been a great advisor and huge help.
  • Most Pussiant Companion David Grindle, thank you for the opportunity to serve and your guidance when needed.
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