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From the Cryptic Masons International Education Committee

From the Cryptic Masons International Education Committee
By Illustrious Companion Adam Hathaway
Chair, Cryptic Masons International Education Committee

Adam Hathaway
Chair, Crytpic Masons International Education Committee


Good Companions and Brothers All,

As many of you know, Right Puissant Companion Carle Jackson, was called home to the Great Architect of the Universe on February 7, 2019. He left us a rich Masonic legacy as a Past Master of two lodges; Past Potentate and Treasurer of Acacia Shriners; Past Grand Royal Patron of Louisiana Order of the Amaranth; Past Worthy Patron of Baton Rouge Chapter 163, Order of the Eastern Star; and Chair of the General Grand Council of Cryptic Masons International Education Committee, to say the least. I have the honor of being appointed as Chair of this committee by Most Puissant General Grand Master David Grindle and the greater honor still, of serving with these inspiring team members: Most Illustrious Companion Robert D. Elsloo, Illustrious Companion Steven R. Goad, Illustrious Companion Benjamin F. Williams and Most Illustrious Companion on A. Peden. These worthy companions bring a breadth and depth of knowledge and skill to the committee, which will prove to be vital in its success.

Upon receiving the first charge from the General Grand Master to this committee – to provide an educational article for each issue of the Decryption, I presumed that the articles were to be limited to the realm of Cryptic Masonry. Most Puissant Companion David explained to me that the holy mandate of Cryptic Masonry is Preservation:of all things Masonic, of Truth and Virtue, and of all the traditions and sacred treasures that will guide us to the Second Temple on the other side of the veil of mortality. Many Royal and Select Masters are not aware of this great calling.

Upon reflection, I recalled many lessons foreshadowing the need for preservation in the Degrees of Entered Apprentice, Fellow Craft and Master Mason. We were taught to give an attentive ear, in order to receive the teachings of the instructive tongue that we may keep them in the repository of the faithful breast. We were gifted with the seven liberal arts and sciences that we may promote higher learning within society as we should within ourselves. We were shown that what might appear to be buried and hidden may be rediscovered and brought forth to shine anew.

Therefore, in order to preserve among us as much Masonic light as possible, articles in the Decryption will encompass all aspects of Freemasonry. The Education Team will provide many of these, and I invite all of you to submit articles to me at to be guest authors for our column in the Decryption. Only the most excellent articles will be chosen so give us your best.

As you finish reading this article and continue to go about your day, I challenge each of you to take some time to pray and meditate on what you can do to preserve our Craft. Masonic preservation activities include but are in no way limited to: memorizing ritual, holding office, mentoring new members, seeking ideal candidates, teaching and research. How will you nourish your own Secret Vault and what Sacred Treasures will it hold?

Illustrious Companion Adam L. Hathaway is a Past Grand Master of Masons in New Mexico and Grand Marshal of the Grand Council of Royal and Select Masters of New Mexico.

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