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Fall York Rite Leadership Opportunities

Fall York Rite Leadership Opportunities
Submitted by S. Lane Pierce, Program Executive, York Rite Leadership Program

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Professional leadership development courses offered to all Members of the Masonic Family. (Lodge, York Rite, Scottish Rite, OES, DeMolay, Rainbow, Jobs Daughters, etc.)

Enhance YOUR journey East – get the entire TEAM together.

Communication……….     Planning……….     Results

Three Time Tested Courses to Create Success:

  1. Individual Leadership (101) – Prepare Yourself
  2. Group Dynamics in Leadership (201) – Prepare Your Group
  3. Influential Communication (401) – Lead the Team

Classes are forming NOW!!!

  1. Apply for the Program:
  2. Register for the Conference
    1. Northwest Conference – Boise, ID – October 16, 2021 –
    2. North Central Conference – Sioux Falls, SD – October 23, 2021 –
    3. Southwest Conference – Las Vegas, NV – October 30, 2021 –
  3. Register for the Class – Email to

COSTS: Conference Registration & Your Travel… that’s right, the training is by benefit of your Membership. And, you also meet with and learn from the leaders from the Region/Department you are attending

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