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East Central Region Happenings

East Central Region Happenings
Submitted by Stephen Balke, General Grand Recorder, Cryptic Masons International

Steve Striggow
East Central Regional Deputy General Grand Master


On August 12, a regional conference call was held wih the East Central Region Region Grand Recorders. These calls will be mentioned in the Decryption as a way to nofify every Companion of what is happening with each Region. The Jurisdictional Highlights of the call are below. Other Regional Calls will be covered in the upcoming weeks.

  1. Sickness and Distress
    1. Paula Wood – keep in thoughts and prayers. And Chuck – who is in the last stages of completing the ramp for the wheelchair.
  2. Triennial
    1. Slides and pdf distributed.
    2. Video available – GGC YouTube Channel –
  3. GGR Office
    1. Reconciling all of the Returns and Per Capita.
    2. Engraving is taking some extra time – our Vendor has been affected by COVID.
  4. Events
    1. Regional Conference
      1. York Rite Leadership is on for conferences.
      2. 2nd Saturday in March in Ft. Wayne.
    2. Jurisdiction Events
      1. IN – Zoom Grand Assembly – TOMORROW – 7:00 PM EDT.
        1. Awards in – John Bridegroom working Zoom.
        2. Grand Chapter – Saturday, 8/15
        3. Installation – In person at the Grotto on Saturday after Chapter.
        4. Grand Sessions 2021 planned for April.
        5. Marion Crum Got Married!
      2. KY –  Still closed down to in person meetings.
        1. Grand Sessions planned in person.
        2. September 20-22, Tuesday Grand Council.
      3. MI – August – Still on, conversations on alternatives are ongoing.
        1. 8/22/20 – Zoom meeting (some officers in Lansing)
        2. OSVs LIVE on Zoom, Installation on Zoom.
        3. MIGM Report, Elections, Reports and Floor – no legislation.
        4. Electronic at least for observers. Zoom platform. Testing next week.
        5. New project: virtualizing the Grand Council Proceedings 
          1. Michele will search the GGC Library for proceedings
          2. Bill sent an inquiring email to Missouri Lodge of Research/Archives.
          3. Set aside until after the Sessions.
        6. Table Council in September tentative.
        7. Going to poll Triennial attendance.
  5. Feedback
    1. DGGM –
      1. Triennial primary focus.
      2. Working with Jurisprudence – may have no legislation for consideration.
      3. Working to find out if Special Assembly to change the Constitution and Bylaws would be acceptable.
      4. Looking forward to positive transition and working together as a York Rite.


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