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CMMRF: Thank you! Thank you!

CMMRF: Thank you! Thank you!
Submitted By Right Puissant Companion G. Thomas Taylor
General Grand Principal Conductor of the Work


We established a goal of raising $75,000 during the month of October. The $75,000 is to be used to purchase reagents for validating stem cells. Thanks to all of you we surpassed our goal!!! While the exact figures are not yet available, it looks like we raised close to $100,000 during October.

The importance of purchasing the reagent is that the researchers can faster and more efficiently identify stem cells that will be compatible when injected into a patient. The stem cells are less likely to be rejected by the host body.

Reaching our reagent goal puts us closer to our annual goal of raising $500,000. At the end of October CMMRF had raised just over $300,000 since the first of the year! We are still short of our goal for the end of the year but thanks to your efforts I feel confident we can make it! We can not rest on our past but must continue to work hard to meet the goal.

As always, I stand ready and willing to assist in whatever way possible to promote your fundraising efforts on behalf of CMMRF.

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