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27th Year at the Colorado River

Stephen A. Balke
General Grand Recorder
Colorado River Fall Festival Committeeman


The 2018 Festival is being held on October 21st, 22nd, and 23rd

1991 saw the beginning of what is now the Southwest\’s premier York Rite Festival! The Companions of the Mohave York Rite Bodies in northwestern Arizona started the tradition of four states gathering and providing an outstanding opportunity for fellowship and Freemasonry. Every October York Rite Masons from Arizona, California, Nevada, and New Mexico gather to confer the Degrees and Orders upon worthy Candidates. For almost a third of a century we have had the honor of hosting and stewarding well over 1000 candidates from twelve jurisdictions from both North and South America through Exaltation, Greeting and Knighting.

Attending the conferrals is the \”Masonic Motivation\”, but the Colorado River Fall Festival is really about camaraderie, fraternity, education and cooperation. In addition to some of the finest ritual work in the Southwest, there will be Candidate Orientation Sunday evening, a Fellowship Banquet followed by entertainment on Monday evening, and a themed Ladies Tea with pastries, beverages, and margaritas mid-day on Tuesday.


MWB and SK Adam Hathaway, GSW
Grand Master of Masons in New Mexico
Photo courtesy of Pete Stronge

This year, we have a special presentation for our new Companions and Sir Knights and guests – Adam L. Hathaway, the Grand Master of Masons in New Mexico, will be presenting \”History of the Medieval Order of Knights Templar\” in full period garb.
The following is an introduction:

\”The Medieval Order of the Poor Fellow Soldiers of Christ and the Temple of Solomon, better known as the Knights Templar has a rich history of military, fiscal and ecclesiastical might, tempered with religious tolerance, humility and mercy. These knights were the first to swear oaths of poverty, chastity and obedience as monks. As Masons we feel a spiritual kinship to these warriors as we have taken our oaths and practice the virtues of temperance, fortitude, prudence and justice. During this time, we will explore the origin, growth, persecution and exoneration of this medieval order, and perhaps discover where the kingdom of Heaven truly resides.\”

Reservations may be made by form or using the website (which also takes credit cards). Colorado River Fall Festival – Welcome

The deadline for smoking / handicap / king bed / river view / and other special rooms has passed. Space available now includes:

  • Basic room deadline is Oct 1.
  • Candidates must be registered by Oct 1.
  • Non-room reservations deadline is Oct 15 by mail or email. You can also register on site at the Festival.

We hope you will consider joining us for this momentous occasion for our new Companions and Sir Knights!

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