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2019-02-12 From the Editor

Stephen Balke, GGR
Weekly Decryption Editor



Or is it enough?

We are all working to get relevant content distributed amongst the Craft in a timely manner. Sometimes, life gets in the way, and sometimes there’s just too much going on. For this newsletter, we plan for pulling in the info for upcoming events, for recent experiences, and ideas that may inspire; and now, we are mapping our messages to reflect the different paths that are being taken.

We are promoting the work put forward by Companions toward ongoing projects so that you can see it. The last issue had the announcement of the new ritual; and within many of the articles presented by the leadership, you will find updates on what people have done for the Craft. This is important and is an intentional focus and acknowledgement of the time and love for Cryptic Masonry that inspires this work.

If you haven’t had a chance, please look at RPC Monty’s article from October of last year: His message is pretty straightforward: We have a plan. We would like everyone who wants to make Cryptic Masonry better to join us in creating a new version of Cryptic Masonry – together. That’s everyone participating as a team that preserves tradition and works to agree. While these concepts are basic to the precepts Masonry teaches, we often find that our Ashlars could use some more work with the mallet.

Every strength and weakness within a group that has an objective can be linked to communication. Right now we are catching up from two months of crazy – the Murphey kind in some cases – but want to continue to share everything we can. If the prospect of opening an email to look at a few headlines provides discord, please just save it for a couple of days and then come back to it. We are not under any pretense that EVERY Companion NEEDS to read every article, but we do challenge ourselves to provide the communication that may help, inform, and/or empower our Companions with news, information, and ideas.

We hope you enjoy the articles and continue to at least preview what is available. The fact that we intend to put out a lot of information is directly tied to our continued efforts to do good work for all of Masonry, and the Cryptic Rite in particular.

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