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2017 Conferences Finale in the Southwest

by Jim Baum, RDGGM – Southwestern US


Greetings from the Southwestern States of the US! York Rite Masonry was well represented at the last York Rite Conference, and while growth continues to be an issue, interest and investment in the Craft is thriving! Over the two days, we had good presentations and opportunities for improvement, but what was most apparent for our General Grand Council session was open and honest dialogue.

Attending members from all of our constituent jurisdictions used the opportunity presented, having all three General Grand line officers in the same place for the first time since the Triennial, to question  how the General Grand Council is helping jurisdictions and councils. Communication, the website, and education resources were among the most discussed topics. The officers encouraged the discussion and presented some of the planned efforts, but also identified that changing the ways we do things will take some time; and asked for everyone to both have patience and participate in making the organization better.

Our jurisdictions have also been planning for local activities in the first quarter of 2018. Hawaii will have their Grand Sessions in February. Arizona, California, Nevada and New Mexico are each having festivals extending into April (Arizona will be having the Super Excellent Master toward the end of the month). Utah and Nevada will be working through official visits by the Grand officers.

Jim Baum
Regional Deputy General Grand Master

View More photos from the conference here.

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