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Zabud: Friend of the King –Video – GGC Presents November 14, 2021

Cryptic Cosmology –Video – GGC Presents August 8, 2021

Jeff Bennett


In this presentation titled “Zabud: Friend of the King – A deeper look into the Select Masters Degree”, we will explore the back story, biblical history, and cultural undertones running below the level of the dramatic events occurring in the Cryptic Degree of Select Master. With its central character Zabud, the Select Master Degree has unique lesson in both extremes: Justice and Mercy. Join the presentation and discussion about the significant role Zabud as historical, biblical figure portrays in his own curious manner as he penetrates the Secret Vault and discovers veiled treasures that are more than what they appear to be on the surface.

Zabud: Friend of the King Video

Author of Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Texas Short Talk Education Series in 2007 and Grand Council of Royal Select Masters of Texas Short Talk Education Series in 2008. Past Contributing Author to Knights Templar Magazine. He is a proud 20-year member and Past Thrice Illustrious Master of Arlington Council #314 in Arlington TX. Past Sovereign Master of Robert Bruce Brannon AMD Council #270. Charter member of Frank G McDonald Knight Masons Council #97 and St. Timothy Conclave No. 65 Order of the Red Cross of Constantine. He was recently honored in 2020-2021 with an appointment by MEC Dan Smith from Grand Chapter Royal Arch Masons of Ohio as District Education Officer.

Companion Bennett has a zeal for Masonic Symbolism and its interpretation. His focus on creating excitement for all things esoteric and York Rite manifests in his fervor to provide education and engaging discussions about the symbols, degrees, and lessons that begin in the quarries of Ancient Craft Freemasonry and transcend the entire system of rites.

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