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What\’s New at CMMRF: Triennial 2021

What\’s New at CMMRF: Triennial 2021
Submitted By Companion Brian Ragain, RN, Area Coordinator, CMMRF, and Most Illustrious Companion Dr. Joe Rouse, Board of Directors, CMMRF


After jotting down pages of notes from Dr. Michael Murphy’s speeches about CMMRF, this is what we are doing with our contributions to CMMRF…

  • We are awaiting Phase 2 trials for our Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm (AAA) vaccine. Phase 1 was a resounding success!
  • We are using Sciatic Nerves (the nerve responsible for lower back and leg pain) to regenerate old, damaged nerve cells.
  • We are still encapsulating cells for the treatment of Diabetes. This capsule keeps the recipient from rejecting it. With the TALLYHO mouse model, we can breed diabetic mice instead of creating diabetic mice. In both cases, we are still CURING THEIR DIABETES!!!
  • We are using a Laser Doppler machine to detect the existence of blood flow in people with Critical Limb Ischemia. This is directly related to Peripheral Artery Disease (PAD) as well as Limb Amputation.
  • We found a new source for stem cells. Bone Marrow is a great source, but in some cases, the cells from the Vertebral Body (backbone) produce fifty times more usable cells than the Bone Marrow.  In some cases, we no longer have to find stem cells, we have found ways to revert old cells back to stem cells.
  • We can now ‘delete’ some of the genes that the body recognizes as foreign. This is important since our body will not see them as a threat and will be allowed to exist. This is done through the CODEX equipment that CMMRF now has at their disposal. This is one of eight machines in existence. It allows the user to create an image of a cell with 40+ different components to locate, isolate, and even treat the cells before they are ever used in the body, treating such things as Diabetes, Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm, Peripheral Artery Disease, Multiple Sclerosis, and Celiac Disease. Dr. Murphy is treating the impossible, and we as Cryptic Masons are making his research a reality.

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