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Technology Forward!

by Stephen Balke, Tech


We Want You!

In response to both planning and the feedback given the elective officers of the General Grand Council, the Technology Committee has launched a few aggressive projects in an effort to facilitate the business of the General Grand Council, and enhance our ability to communicate. This newsletter is one such effort, a regular path for information from the officers, committees, and constituents of the GGC to be shared with everyone. A “facelift” for the website to make it more modern and useful as a resource to Master Masons, Companions, and leadership. Within the website, we have several “sub-projects” being designed to facilitate sharing and promotion of the Craft – a calendar which includes information regarding all major Masonic events, translation of the website into 12 foreign languages to  communicate across borders and oceans, a referral system for Master Masons and interested Friends to get in touch with their local Grand Council and Grand Lodge. These are just a few of the exciting plans UNDERWAY.

Where do you come in? SHARE YOUR EXPERIENCE! We need Companions that can help with technology, provide editing for articles being submitted, and members who will promote local, jurisdictional, and national efforts to improve our organizations that are successful!

  • If you’re good with writing or editing articles/papers – we need people to review works submitted. Team members for each of our General Grand officers to work through 5-6 articles each month, as well as some that are “on-call” for work submitted for posting to the website.
  • If you can work with HTML – really, if you can work with a word processor, we can catch you up on most things – posting articles to the website and then populating a mailer template as another member of each of the teams is for you! Again, we will need one or two on-calls for other submissions.
  • If you have a story – WE WANT TO SHARE IT. Many jurisdictions have educational, ritual and membership efforts, news and resources. Sometimes, it is timely and helpful, and sometimes, we’d just like to give a pat on the back – good work should be encouraged!

These are our first few weeks of this publication, and it can only become better with your help. If you fit the descriptions above, GREAT, we’d like to hear from you! If not, please consider these other helpful options:

  • Read, rate and relate the stories provided.
  • Let people know the newsletter and website are available.
  • Let us know how we can make it better!

On a final note, if you see them, please thank our Technology Committee members, who have worked hard to start these changes and get them underway!

  • John Bridegroom of Indiana
  • Dave Witte of Missouri
  • William LeVeque of Michigan
  • Daniel Hanttula of Oklahoma
  • Dayle Schrock of Florida
  • Roderic Wagoner of Arizona
  • Harry Jenkins of New Mexico
  • Benjamin Williams of Colorado

Thank you!

Stephen Balke
Technology Committee Chairman

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