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Survival by Sacrifice

Survival by Sacrifice
By RIC Dick Browning, Grand Recorder of Arkansas

RIC Dick Browning
Grand Recorder of Arkansas

What will become of our Gentle Craft in the post-pandemic world? Will we survive to instruct another generation in the values of Faith, Hope, and Charity? Will the practice of fortitude, prudence, temperance, and justice be lost on the youth that grow into manhood to be husbands, fathers, mentors, and leaders in the world? Upon whose shoulders do the answers and solutions to these issues fall?

I suggest they fall on YOU! You the individual Mason. For it is a dedication to this code of moral conduct, that we freely subscribe, that points the way to the preservation of our beloved Fraternity. Each of us must confirm our commitment to preserving that which was given to us by our forefathers. Those men who suffered through the perils of civil war, economic collapse, world wars, and the indifference of society to the collective good, still they persevered to maintain and strengthen Freemasonry. Can we do any less?

What, then, is required of you? First and foremost, continue your membership in Freemasonry. If, in these trying times, we lose our members, the critical mass required to be an effective voice for good is lost. If we cannot maintain our meeting places and communicate with our members our status as an institution is lost. If we do not have members to exemplify the work and teach the valuable lessons of our degrees then the reason to exist is lost. If we have few members, who will answer the questions of the profane when they seek Light? You are important now more than ever. Freemasonry needs your membership. Freemasonry needs your dues money.

Yes, today the most important thing we can do, You can do, is continue your membership by paying your dues. Money is always needed for our Work, now more than ever. Is paying your dues and continuing to support Freemasonry at every level hard now? YES! Now is the time to reach down within ourselves and make that sacrifice to put our money towards the fraternity that has meant so much to us. Now is the time to forgo some things to support YOUR fraternity. The sacrifice you make might be hard, the decision not easy but reflect for a time on what Freemasonry has given to you and give that gift to the next generation.

As our teaching set forth the concept that we are responsible for ourselves, our family, our community, our nation, our Brothers, and mankind; it into your hands and heart the future of Freemasonry is placed. The choice is entirely yours.

Choose well.

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