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Spreading the word of York Rite

Spreading the word of York Rite
Submitted by Dennis Newman, Grand Recorder, Grand Council of Nebraska

Dennis Newman
Grand Recorder, Grand Council of Nebraska


Here are some ways that you can spread the word of York Rite.

Blue Lodge Installations
At the installation of officers for the Blue Lodge each year, present a certificate to each Lodge congratulating the officers and wishing them a great year. This should come from the local Chapter, Council and Commandery and be signed by the High Priest, Illustrious Master and the Commander. When presenting the certificate, you should be wearing a York Rite coat. The idea is that some members of the Lodge may ask “What is the York Rite”, which would give you an opening to explain what the York Rite is all about.

Visiting your local Lodges
Some time during the year, visit the Lodges in your area wearing your York Rite coat. You can let them know what philanthropies the York Rite supports. You can also ask how many are York Rite members. You can explain that everyone is a member as the Blue Lodge is the first 3 degrees of the York Rite. Explain how they can get the true word instead of the substitute word.

Friendship Dinners
Have a friendship dinner twice a year with the York Rite, Scottish Rite, Shrine, Eastern Star and the Blue Lodge. By explaining what each organization is about, you might get new members. You can invite non-Masons to attend. This will give them information on Masonry.

York Rite Festivals

Have area festivals with other Chapters, Councils and Commanderies within 150 miles and put on the degrees. Not all Chapters, Councils and Commanderies may be able to perform the degrees by themselves due to their size. By putting together a degree team from multiple locations, you can help the York Rite to grow. You can also check with the York Rite College in your area to help also. If we all work together, we can help the York Rite to grow.

Super Excellent Degree
Consider putting together a team to perform this honorary degree. Consider working with other Councils or states to put this on.


What are you doing to help grow your York Rite

Please share what you are doing in your jurisdiction to spread the word and help to grow York Rite? I am sure that there are a lot of great ideas out there.

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