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Southwest Regional Recorder\’s Meeting – November 4, 2020

Southwest Regional Recorder\’s Meeting – November 4, 2020
Submitted by Stephen Balke, General Grand Recorder, Cryptic Masons International

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Photo Credit; MIC John Bridegroom


On November 4, 2020, a conference call was held with the Regional Deputies. A summary of the call is below.

Attendees: Dion Newhouse, George Weil, Phil Hardiman, Craig Phillips, Reed Fanning, Michele Balke, Stephen Balke, Monty Glover.

Invocation: Dion Newhouse


  1. GGC Update
    1. Transition
      1. Taking stock and inventory
        1. Send Columbian to George and Zoom presentation
        2. Posthumous Veterans Medal – Approved by Trustees Yesterday
          1. GGM suggests the Council consider sponsoring
        3. Data – Internal first then external
      2. Transfer of resources and responsibilities
      3. Documentation of processes and programs
        1. Branding
          1. New Charter
          2. New Greeting Certificate/Patent
        2. Internal and new processes and tracking.
    2. Ad Hoc Projects
      1. Triennial Convocation
      2. Audit
      3. Quickbooks/Transition to UCOA
    3. Process and Project Management
      1. GSuite
      2. Personnel
      3. Calendars
        1. Zoom Calendar updated
        2. Google internal
        3. Moving to
  2. SW Conference AAR
    1. The Good
      1. Succinct – better when shorter!
      2. Useful and interesting
      3. Good CMMRF presentation (showed the state of the art contributions)
        1. Could have been shorter
        2. Useful tidbits to take back on importance of CMMRF to Councils
      4. RDGGHP – Had everyone participate – Good Presentation
    2. The Improvable
      1. Zoom has limitations
      2. CMMRF presented to Medical Professionals – Speak to the Audience
      3. GEKT and GGC – Information dump – Could have been done in email.
      4. Talk about database and membership – who is Chapter but not Council, etc.
    3. The Proposed Path
      1. CMMRF – 
        1. Focus on the wish list items – and what they will do
        2. Focus on what’s NEW – less medical details
  3. SW States Update (health and wellness)
    1. Arizona – 
      1. Do Chapter and Council meetings – based upon the local leadership.
    2. California
      1. Process Improvement: Contacted local Councils to work with Chapters and RAMs that are not RSM – 600 prospects
        1. Get them into a class to learn and ready to confer.
      2. Improve Marketing – Targeted processes and planning for “advertising” or inclusion of Brothers and Companions.
    3. Hawaii
    4. Nevada
      1. Marketing Program with Grand Lodge – Promote Masonry in general.
        1. Leadership participating in the Grand Lodge Committee
        2. Contact online – sent to Lodges
        3. 1700 inquiries about Masonry
        4. Staying in contact
      2. Lodges are meeting
    5. New Mexico
      1. No more than 5 Masons meeting on property
      2. Using Zoom a LOT – Lodge and York Rite (Scottish Rite & Shrine)
      3. Lack of being able to do degree work is not benefitting membership.
    6. Utah
      1. Not going to open up 2020 – earliest is 2021 – Joint decision forthcoming.
      2. Covid cases are on the rise – not interested in facilitating.
      3. Virtual visitations and educationals – next up is Early History of Royal Arch Masonry Feat. Moises on November 18, 2020 at 7PM MST. 
  4. Closing Remarks
    1. Fireside Chat – Worthwhile meeting 
    2. Good to have other jurisdictions perspectives
    3. The Ambassador badge is under development.

Benediction: Phil Hardiman

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