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South Central Conference Recap

By John L. Logan
Regional Deputy General Grand Master – South Central


John L. Logan
South Central Regional Deputy General Grand Master

The South Central York Rite Conference was a success! The Little Rock conference began on Friday, September 20th, and the attendance was 177 members and 44 ladies. Our Arkansas Companions deserve our thanks and congratulations for hosting a well-organized, informative and pleasant conference.
The conference president Charles Ferguson of Arkansas opened the conference and introduced M∴W∴ J. D. Sexton, Grand Master of Arkansas, who welcomed the members.

  • The first presenter was Dr. Beula Magimairaj, from Utah State University at Ogden. Dr. Magimairaj\’s research in auditory processing disorder (APD) is partially funded by an Emerging Research grant from the Royal Arch Research Assistance (RARA). A link to her research summary follows: Article: South Central Conference – Hearing Health Update
  • Dr. James Graham, SGIG in Arkansas, presented an interesting historical summary of Albert Pike\’s York Rite memberships and activities.
  • Gary Wyne, Executive Secretary of the Cryptic Mason\’s Medical Research Foundation (CMMRF), presented an overview of the current CMMRF research focus and financial goals.
  • Steven Tiner, General Grand King, illustrated the fraternity\’s need for member education and teamwork.
  • Justin Morris shared his perspective on generational differences from the perspective of a member of the millennial generation.

Dr. Joe Rouse
CRMMF Board Member

The General Grand Council\’s afternoon session began with each of the leaders of conference member jurisdictions in attendance.

  • Dr. Joe Rouse began by giving a detailed report on the significance of the research being conducted by the Indiana Center for Vascular Biology and Medicine (ICVBM).
  • Stephen Balke, General Grand Recorder, GGCCMI, shared his presentation titled \”Vaulting the Obstacles\”, which included an overview of the General Grand Council, a description of the honors available for members, the current work of the General Grand Council, Annual and Grand Assemblies, and Regional Conferences. The provisional ritual discussed, and copies were made available for members to purchase.
  • Daniel D. Hanttula\’s presentation \”Protecting Freemasons from 21st Century Threats\” highlighted the challenges in protecting sensitive information from cyber terrorists. Companion Hanttula shared helpful tips with the members to assist them in protecting members information.
  • The Grand Illustrious Masters were allowed to share with the conference their jurisdiction;s plan of work for the year, information relating to their next Grand Assembly, and other interesting information.

Later in the evening, the members and their ladies returned to enjoy an instrumental serenade which was followed by a pleasant meal.

On Saturday September 21st, the Grand Encampment held its South Central Department Conference meeting. Also, the York Rite Leadership Training sessions were conducted, with 51 participants. Now is the time to encourage your worthy companions to plan to attend the Leadership Training at our next conference.

The next South Central Conference is scheduled for September 18-19, 2020 at the Holiday Inn Suites Overland Park-West in Overland Park, Kansas. Please mark your calendar now and plan to attend.


Department Conference Business
Charles H. Ferguson, President
South Central YR Conference 2019


Dick Browning, Grand Recorder, Arkansas
Dr. James Graham, SGIG in Arkansas
Stephen A. Balke, RP General Grand Recorder, GGCCMI


Steven E. Tiner, Grand King, GGCRAMI
Gary Wyne, Executive Secretary CMMRF


Justin Morris
Daniel D. Hanttula, PGIM-OK


James D. Kirkpatrick, MIGM-TX
Kevin P. Bardy MIGM-OK


Wayne B. Fryer, MIGM-MO
H. Wayne Rector, MIGM-KS


Camille J. \”Buddy\” Guidry, MIGM-LA


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