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CMMRF – Science of Growing Muscle and Tissue

Science of Growing Muscle and Tissue
Brian Ragain, RN


Illustrious Companion Brian Ragain, RN, DDGIM OK

Research, through funds provided by CMMRF, has proven that we can grow new muscle for people that have lost muscle tissue. This is great news for victims of trauma, such as our soldiers and injuries from motor vehicle accidents. 3D printers are now developed and can be used to \’print\’ forms for the repair of muscles, ears, noses, and even blood vessels.

These 3D printers can be used just like an inkjet printer, an extrusion molding device, or even made through laser assisted printers. Once the cellular or other material is printed into the form that they need, they can then place the desired cell structures inside of it where it will start to act like the cells they are replacing.

Think of your child as the 3D printer and their Legos are the cells. After telling the child what they need to build, the Legos become the structure and the little round parts on the Legos are the cells that are trained to become the replacement cells. And just as a Lego creation can be just a few pieces or a huge masterpiece, the same is true with these stem cell replacement pieces. These \’bio-materials\’ are the key pieces to what is known as \’regenerative medicine.\’ CMMRF is right in the middle of this technology, and with our donations they can continue to change the face of medicine!

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