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Royal & Select Master Rituals – 2nd Run Coming

Stephen A. Balke
General Grand Recorder


We have received positive feedback regarding the Provisional Rituals that became available just one month ago. And, for the first run, we only charged $6.00 per book as it was within the previously advertised pricing. This price, however, doesn’t cover the costs associated with production.

The book ended up being 160 pages plus the cover with the inclusions. The previous edition stocked by the General Grand Council was 96 pages plus cover. Further, the difference in pages actually prevented the original plan of creating a saddle-stitch (stapled) version due to the size difference. We went with a spiral binding, which has worked out quite well. These changes make it so that the price cited doesn’t actually cover the costs.

We are changing the price of the R&SM Ritual to $9.00 each plus shipping. This will allow for the continued availability of the Ritual while covering the costs associated. If you have already ordered the ritual, it will be sold at the price quoted if paid in full by March 31, 2019.

Translations are currently underway for both Spanish and Portuguese. We will announce when they become available and other languages translations get started, but we are excited with the progress thus far.

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