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Right Puissant Companion Gerald L. \”Jerry\” Ogle, PGM, 1935-2019



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Right Puissant Gerald L. \”Jerry\” Ogle, PGM, 1935-2019
Past Southwest Regional Deputy General Grand Master


M.W. Gerald L. “Jerry” Ogle, the 145th Grand Master of the State of Nevada, was born on October 17, 1935 in Wenatchee, Washington, to Millard M. and Lillian Mae Ogle.  He attended Elementary, Junior and Senior High School in Seattle, WA.  Companion Ogle graduated from Bainbridge Island High School while on active duty in the Marine Corps.  He was married to Renate and they have 4 children.  Our Companion joined the Marine Corps on September 12, 1953 and retired on December 1, 1984, serving with distinction and honor for 31 years.  He retired with the rank of Sergeant Major.

While in the Marines, he served in all three Marine Corps Divisions as an infantryman.  Companion Ogle proudly served two tours in Vietnam.  Some of the special duties he was assigned to were: Marine Drill Instructor, two years as a sea-going Marine on the ship USS Oklahoma City 5, stationed in Japan, assigned Embassy Duty in Bonn, Germany, Instructor with the Marine Air and Ground Detachment 46, served on a reserve Helicopter Unit on Whidbey Island, WA, and his last duty station was in Kansas City, MO at the Marine Corps Finance Center.

Upon retirement, he moved to Henderson, NV and became an instructor at Basic High School, teaching Marine Corps Junior Reserve Cadets.  Many of his Cadets have joined Masonry and are active in different Lodges.

His Masonic life started in Missouri on May 29, 1984.  He was raised a Master Mason in Grandview Lodge No. 618 in Grandview, MO.  The first Worshipful Master of Grandview Lodge No. 618 was Harry S. Truman.  Brother Ogle joined Mount Moriah Lodge No. 39 in January 1985 as a dual member and served as Worshipful Master in 1996.

A very active, and some would say, overzealous member, Jerry served as Illustrious Master of Hiram Council #5 1993, 97 and 98, Excellent High Priest of Boulder Chapter #14 1994 and 1996, and Secretary of same since 1997. Eminent Commander of Melita Commandery #9 in 2001-02.

Companion Ogle served as Most Excellent Grand High Priest, Most Illustrious Grand Master and Right Eminent Grand Commander of Nevada.  He was appointed to the General Grand Council as the Right Puissant Southwest Regional Deputy General Grand Master in 2005 to 2008. Jerry received the General Grand Council Adult Service award in 1997 and was also a member and Dean of the Order of the Secret Vault.

Brother Jerry was a member of the Scottish Rite, Valley of Las Vegas.  He received the KCCH in 2005 and the 33rd Degree in August 2017.  Brother Ogle also was a member of Zelzah Shrine and served in the Boulder Shriners Mini cars.  His Masonic Affiliations included Desert Paradise Conclave, Red Cross of Constantine, Nevada Priory No. 50 and Purple Sage Priory No. 83, KYCH, Royal Order of Scotland, Kilkenny Council, Knight Masons, Life Member of Portland 75, National Sojourners in Oregon, Las Vegas York Rite College No. 163 and St. Matthias Tabernacle No. 57, Holy Royal Arch Knight Templar Priests.

M.W. Gerald L. Ogle was elected and served as Grand Master of the State of Nevada on November 15, 2016.  It was truly a labor of love serving as Grand Master.  He enjoyed most of all, the friendships, fellowship and Brotherly Love that he received in each and every Lodge that he visited.

Right Puissant Jerry was a staunch supporter of the Cryptic Masons Medical Research Foundation and served as a Board of Trustees Member for nine years.  He organized several activities for the Board when the board met in Las Vegas.  One of the most successful was a two Council Table Council with Ladies at Las Vegas Lodge.  The meeting included a meal, presentations by Dr. Keith March, questions from the participants (mostly from the ladies), and an auction conducted by Pam Rogers.  Over $1,000.00 was raised for the Foundation.  He was as devoted to this Foundation and its efforts as he was to the Marine Corps.

Brother Jerry laid down the working tools of life and joined our celestial Fraternity above on February 25, 2019.

Freemasonry and the Nevada Masons will sorely miss him.

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