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Regional Deputy Conference Call – October 25, 2021

Regional Deputy Conference Call – October 25, 2021
Submitted by Stephen Balke, General Grand Recorder, Cryptic Masons International

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Photo Credit; MIC John Bridegroom


On October 25, 2021, a conference call was held with the Regional Deputies. A summary of the call is below.


  • Not present – report sent via email.
  • MPIGGM, RPIGGR, and all of RPI
  • Regarding activities in Africa:
  • TOGO: The Grand Council of TOGO met on July 29, 2021, in Lomé where a new MIGM was elected as well as its deputy, the PC of work, the Grand Treasurer and the Grand Secretary.
  • The other Grand Officers will be appointed by the MIGM.
  • The installation date will be February 2021 following government restrictions on covid.
  • In Gabon: He was to hold their general assembly at the end of this month, but the conditions are not met to do so. So they will do it during the month of November 2021.
  • During the assembly, they will make the elections to elect a new MIGM as well as the members of the college of the grand officers.
  • For Madagascar, I am still awaiting the reaction of the brothers whom I have contacted to find out how they work.

Asia Pacific

  • Philippines: Covid is improving. Exceptions to meetings are being made by the GM despite the fact that he lost his son two weeks ago.
  • Taiwan: Covid is improving
  • Japan: Covid is improving
    • Vaccines are required, but still cannot enter the country.


Remains the same since April, 2020. Opening up.

  • 86% vaccinated
  • Masonic events will start again at the end of January and February of 2022. 
  • Rafa had a meeting with each of the 5 Councils explaining how to proceed. 
  • GM Raphael meeting with each of the 5 Councils to be reconstituted, future councils are possible.
    • Assembly was had to present a new budget 
    • Rituals 
    • Receive the regalia, 300 companions
    • May be constituting 12 councils
  • Monthly pep talks – Every first Wednesday: Cryptic degrees
    • Will provide dates and times ASAP


  • Not present – excused


  • MA Regional Meeting
    • 15 people in attendance, 12p-2p on Friday
    • MD GYR Sessions followed
    • Grand Council followed in the afternoon
  • Bill Lott – Spoke on the First Responder Award and the Adult Youth Leadership Awards for promotions
  • T. Taylor spoke on the General Grand and CMMRF
  • Maryland Grand Sessions to be held in Ocean City, MD. 
    • Chapter on Friday: time of day TBD
    • No members attended from DC.


  • COVID is on the rise, and people are considering stringent response
    • Travel has some stringent requirements
    • Considering curfew in Romania
    • England has travel restrictions.
    • Travel requirements for entry into a country are individual per country and hard to ascertain.
  • Italy – End of November – Grand Sessions

Latin America

  • Mexico: state of flux; actions of other Grand Bodies
    • Covid is improving, jurisdictions are opening up.
  • Central America; opening up, vaccinations are improving
    • Slowly opening up 
  • Panama: Cryptic degrees; complete success
    • All councils and Grand Councils attended
    • Oct. 12 – GL – Fraternal Day; attended in their own garb, successful
  • Columbia: paperwork was sent into GC
  • Ecuador: Equito doing very well; asking for support in starting up their own.
  • Peru: Assembly – Royal Arch this past Saturday; Marcos gave a lecture on the Cryptic side; this Saturday with Commandery, 
  • Paraguay; GM went to the six Region CMI meeting. 
    • Council: has not reported
  • Venezuela: dignitaries doing very well; 
  • 70% fully vaccinated; a lot now have had the third “booster”.
  • Feb. 5th – Grand Sessions; let Marcos know ASAP regarding travel

North Central 

  • Past weekend – North Central Conf. – reps for all states in attendance.
    • Assistant Grand Recorder in attendance
    • Round Table 
    • Gary Wynn – spoke about CMMRF
    • After the first of the year, each Grand Council will hold its meeting 
    • North Central Conf – Sioux Falls, SD in 2022
    • Chapter and Council on Friday and Saturday is Commandery


  • General Grand Council
  • 2020-2023
  • Northeast Regional Info Updates
  • 10-25-21
  • Connecticut:
  • Ambassador: Peter Smyth
  • No updates.
  • Massachusetts:
  • Ambassador: Steve Rubenstein
  • Annual York Rite session took place October 22-23, 2021 in Westborough.
  • Maine:
  • Ambassador: Ken Caldwell
  • Doing really well – working candidates & holding visitations.
  • October 30 (Saturday) – holding another school based on the Cryptic Masonry Education Course
  • New Hampshire:
  • Ambassador: Paul Smith
  • Have relaxed many of the COVID restrictions pursuant to State guidelines. However, the uptick in cases may change things.
  • All of York Rite has been scheduling degrees & orders and performing them.
  • Paul Smith is doing a birthday fundraiser for CMMRF on his Facebook page again this year. He is also encouraging everyone he knows who shops on Amazon to choose CMMRF as their designee.
  • We’ve seen some success with the first responder award in the jurisdiction since we rolled it out last year.
  • We will be hosting MasonicCon in Manchester next June. They have purchased a table for York Rite bodies to have a presence. Looking for materials and info to pass out.
  • New York:
  • Ambassador: Dick Fowler
  • Tri-State Council festival took place on October 9th in Saugerties. The following stats provided by Steve Rubenstein:
  • 107 present and 47 greeted.
  • MA did Royal Master; CT did Select Master & NY did Super Excellent Master (Columbian #1)
  • Rhode Island:
  • Ambassador: Mark Thompson
  • No updates.
  • Vermont:
  • Ambassador: Kirk White
  • Still playing catch-up.
  • Chapter degrees are taking place and Council degrees are now underway; Royal and Select Master degrees are scheduled for Tuesday (10/26) night in Barre.
  • 2022-NE Conference – tentative:
  • September 9-10, 2022 at Desmond in Albany.


  • Sept 17- 18; GYR Sessions
    • Installation of officers
  • Sept 9-10 – Colorado – limited hybrid
  • Oct. 29 – Festival – 30 new YR members are possible
  • Oct 15-16; NW Conf. – Boise ID – went very well.
    • Excellent CMMRF presentation
    • S. Balke presented on Communication and Transparencies
  • Monty’s speech was very well received. 
  • Inquiries on the 27th Edition of the ritual
  • Alaska – 2nd or 3rd of March

South Central 

  • SC Regional Conference – Shreveport LA – Same weekend in Sept.
  • Scottish Rite Reunions are coming up.
  • OK – Zoom meeting – membership; positive for membership. Local Councils to work their delinquencies.
  • February – LA
  • March – AK
  • May – KS


  • GL Session – 7th of Nov.
    • Looking good which makes the YR sessions look good
  • Registrations forms will be available soon
    • Chapter is hosting
  • AL – Jan. 8, 2022 – Chapter Council Class – Mobile
  • No word from S. Carolina
  • Chair Degrees went well, excellent turnout.


  • UT – 23rd – Festival
  • Oct. 29th – Friday – SW Conference – Golden Nugget – Las Vegas, NV

From the General Grand Master:

Please promote the Fireside Chat; would like those attending in person. Will go on YouTube two weeks or so after the presentation.

Monty is working with the Finance Committee to get the verbiage correct, especially with the investments.

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