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Regional Deputy Conference Call – July 26, 2021

Regional Deputy Conference Call – July 26, 2021
Submitted by Stephen Balke, General Grand Recorder, Cryptic Masons International

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On July 26, 2021, a conference call was held with the Regional Deputies. A summary of the call is below.

Europe: Norman Draine

  • Travel extremely difficult
  • Translators needed
  • Italy – Annual Meeting new date – Nov. 26 & 27 (tentative)
    • Continued problems with GHP
    • Harrison & Krause – planning a conference in Africa beginning of Nov.
  • Covid continues up and down
  • No news from anyone. Very quiet.

Brazil: Allan Silvestre


  • In the last month (July), the amounts of daily deaths reduced by half. Today around 1.100 deaths/day
  • Numbers of cases also reduced by half. Today around 37.000 cases/day
  • Concerning Vaccination, we increased the amount of people being vaccinated a day, circa 1.200.000 / day
  • Considering Brazil we have: 45% 1st Dose  /  18% 2nd Dose
  • Considering São Paulo numbers are higher: 74% 1st Dose  /  20% 2nd Dose
  • Number of ICU Occupied in Hospitals are around 50 to 60%
  • Almost half of the Brazilian Cities do not had any Death in the previous 2 weeks 

Freemasonry in General:

  • July usually is \”Masonic Vacation\” in Brazil, just few things happening
  • Grand Lodges and Obediences in Brazil are planning for August to return slowly back the Lodges Meetings
  • Worshipful Masters are starting to encourage the brethren to reunite, following protocols and of course, respecting those who are not yet comfortable with face to face meetings
  • High Degrees and Progressive Orders are already working or starting on August, their Summonses are already been distributed 

Cryptic and York Rite:

  • In the last 2nd of July the Grand Commandery was Installed in Brazil
  • Also, at the same weekend, 4th of July, the New Grand Chapter was also Installed
  • Our Grand Council UD (MIGC) has already the Government Documents approved and Bank Account in order to proceed 
  • On 14th of July, Most Illustrious Grand Master Rafael did two Virtual Meetings with all Regular Cryptic Masons for Brazil, explaining the Companions about the procedures of registering in the Grand Council, explaining the whole process, such as: deadlines, internet site, taxes, regalia, new councils, etc
  • The feedback from Companions about the 2 Virtual Meetings were very positive and the New Officers from the Grand Council were present and did their part
  • Talking with Rafael (Grand Master) he told me that almost 30% of the Companions registered in the first week
  • Future Live Meetings will be scheduled to explain other procedures and also for the Companions have the possibility to be close to the Grand Officers and have their doubts and comments explained/considered.

Southwest – Jason Varner

  • Ready to get back to work
  • Council – Mon. 23rd
  • Covid – 98.5% of new cases have not been vaccinated
  • TJ Robertson – Jason’s counterpart – TJ and wife are recovering from Covid
  • Brian Ragain – OK – to speak for CMMRF at the SW Conference – to be finalized soon
  • Regional Conf Plans – website is up – you can register:

South Central – John Logan

  • Grand Sessions – well attended
  • South Central – 6 wks away – presenters are in the process of being lined up

Latin America: Marcos Ostrander

  • Covid: each country is different 
  • Most of Latin America is holding; Panama 1,000+ infections per day. Deaths are lower, due to aggressive vaccinations
  • Other countries are not as aggressive and traveling, fluctuation in cases
  • Travel is very expensive
  • Latin America may not be traveling due to high cost and the chance of being quarantined away from home
  • Mid Sept or Mid Oct for Regional Meeting – difficult to pin-point a solid date. Currently working on it. Translators: have three volunteers
  • Would like to know what dignitaries are available to attend
  • Last week in Sept and first week in Oct is available for the dignitaries to attend
  • Unified Grand Chap. – Estados Unidos – meeting scheduled – plan for Latin American Regional meeting in 2022. To be announced. 
  • Grand Council UD – Central America – issues? Guatemala wants to be independent of the Grand Council. Grand Encampment wants to give charter. Guatemala wants to be out on their own and not a part of Central America. Central America will still be viable (at least three Councils) if they do not remain a member. Guatemala Council has lost a significant amount of members; Costa Rica, El Salvador, and Honduras are staying stable. Keeping a close eye on what they are doing. No one is having regular meetings due to Covid.
  • Venezuela is strong, but travel is restricted

Mid-Atlantic: JB Walsh

  • Mid-Atlantic Regional Council only meeting to tie into Maryland Grand Sessions
  • Ocean City, Maryland
    • Fly into – Salisbury, Baltimore or Philly
    • Friday Oct 22 – one day only
    • Registration – to be announced
    • Representation expected
    • Commandery – 5PM

Southeast: Tom Nesbit

  • Fully opened
  • Nothing new to report

Northwest: Wayne Long

  • All in NW are dark
  • CO – Sept. 9 & 10 GYR Sessions – Denver – Zoom with certain indiv meeting in person
  • Covid: no mandatory masks; alot of WY is not vaccinated
  • NW Conf – Boise – 15th & 16th, Friday, Chap from 8-12; Council from 1-5P; Comm – all day Saturday. 
  • No Registration link as yet – Norman Lane working on it.
  • CMMRF guest speaker needed for conference

Introduction of Sean Gardiner

  • Recorders & Treasurer Report during Seminar
  • Enable of remote connectivity
  • More info coming soon

Steve Balke

  • August 1 8a – 5p MDT – Sunday
  • YRLeadership – Masters Series Class
  • Email being sent this evening – share with Ambassadors
    • Show example
    • Higher level class – Open forum 
    • Bring up more in depth topics
    • Encourage to attend – this will be different from what you have already attended $
  • Recognition Award – Youth Advocate Awards are now available – $50.00
  • Passport should be available at Triennial
  • GM of MA having a class for Masons who are First Responders
    • All First Responders to go through the class with be presented with an FRA
    • On going relationship
    • Upwards of 200 for the class

G. T. Taylor

  • $160,000 towards the goal of $500,000
    • Programs available to encourage growth
    • $160,000 represents three years
    • Increase in donations
    • Recognitions are behind to due covid restrictions
      • Vendors got sick
  • FRA and Youth Advocate
    • Great to use and introductions to masonry

Bill Snyder

  • Membership
    • Need to hang on to them
    • Concentrate on keeping the members
    • Certif. Given after staying for 1 year – incentive programs
    • Dr. Murphy has several different programs – treatment methods
    • CMMRF Coasters for sale for $30.00
  • Universal YR system
    • Unify position – Grand Lodges of the US
    • Goals of the GL
    • International Commission – advisory group
    • Advise on what to do on certain situations
    • Several masonic bodies involved
    • Focus: advise as it relates to the YR mission especially Cryptic. Must have good understanding of working with International affairs.
    • Advisory only committee

GGM Monty Glover

  • GA DeMolay Conclave
    • Attended and received recognition
  • Triennial
    • Looking forward to seeing everyone
    • Planning to be at NW Conference
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