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October 2018 Adventures of the GGPCW

Bill Snyder
General Grand Principal Conductor of the Work


Bill Snyder, General Grand Principal Conductor of the Work

Further Adventures of the General Grand Principal Conductor of the Work

Here’s an important travel tip, straight from my first trip outside North America:  Sleep during the flights whenever possible!  It is good fun to talk with passengers asking about Freemasonry but I really could have used the sleep.  Nevertheless, wherever I have gone, the host Grand Council has been more than accommodating and well aware of any effects of sleep deprivation on my presentations.  Second travel tip:  Whenever your mentors offer advise about the need for sleep on long flights, listen.

With that, let’s give you an update on some of the opportunities that I have been given to promote the cause of Freemasonry and the Cryptic degrees since our last article, although I am yet suffering from sleep deprivation. 

CONVENT-GENERAL KYCH [Knight York Cross of Honour]             

This was an absolutely magnificent gathering of Masonic leaders in September in the Des Moines area.  KYCH requires that you have been the top officer for each of your four York Rite bodies:  Lodge, Chapter, Council and Commandery.  IF you have the opportunity to serve as an officer in all of your York Rite bodies and then to serve in your local Priory, I recommend that you take it.  My congratulations to Immediate Past Grand Master General Bryce B. Hildreth and his team of Scottish Rite and York Rite Masons that worked together in harmony to create a wonderful and meaningful experience.   I also congratulate the new Grand Master General, Dennis Sheridan, and hope to attend his session in October 2019 in New Hampshire as a voting member of Missouri Priory.


I was received warmly in Missouri at its annual Grand Lodge session as the official representative of the General Grand Master.  It was good to visit with my Home State brethren and companions and renew the warm relationship between my Grand Lodge and its York Rite bodies.  I will do whatever I can to help any Grand Council to improve its relationship with its Grand Lodge or blue lodges. We often say that we have to build the lodges if we want to build the York Rite but the effort usually ends with having said that platitude.  Most of our Grand Lodges have spent money and time on drafts of Membership programs that are usually ignored and forgotten.  Take time to ask your Grand Lodge for their Committee reports on Membership and Mentoring and see if you can find some help for our cause.  We are working on many facets of what your Grand Council will be able to use in increasing and retaining membership including extensive amounts of Masonic and Cryptic education.  We will also continue the effort to raise our public image to a favorable status.  But it would be just dandy if we could pool everyone’s resources in this endeavor so we are operating in harmony with out Grand Lodges. 


From State to State and elsewhere, I am finding greatly renewed interest in the significance of this very important degree and the need to increase the frequency of its conferral, particularly as it relates to the Masonic experience for our newest Companions. I will provide some thoughts on this degree’s history and ritual at my next chance.

I would welcome your thoughts and reactions, as usual, to as well as reminders on things that I may have promised to do for our cause but have not done yet.  I know that I owe a Cryptic reading list to one of our young members in the Northeast Region and I will send that later next month. We also will be pushing forward with some articles that have been offered to us on the subject of the Mysterious Nxxx.  It is not yet too late for you to submit an article for consideration.

REMEMBER:  IF YOU ARE PROUD TO BE A ROYAL AND SELECT MASTER, SHOW IT! The York Rite story, indeed, the Masonic experience,  is not complete without the Cryptic degrees and a careful study and meditation upon its teachings and symbols.   I am so very proud and happy to be a part of a team that includes each of you. 

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