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Monty Glover
Deputy General Grand Master


Monty Glover presenting the Grand Master\’s Plaque to OES

Aloha and fraternal greetings companions,

On September 15 I had the honor and pleasure of presenting the first General Grand Master‘s award for their donation to the Cryptic Masons Medical Research Foundation to the Worthy Matron Barbara Smith of Harmony Chapter of the Order of the Eastern Star here in Honolulu, Hawaii. A month or so previous I also had the pleasure of presenting the second Grand Master‘s award to Lei Aloha Chapter order the Eastern Star for their donation to CMMRF is well. I was accompanied on my visit to Harmony Chapter by Illustrious Companion Mark Leo who is the Ambassador for the General Grand Council here in Hawaii. 

This last quarter I have been going through lots of changes primarily centered on moving out of Hawaii, three hurricanes and some personal loss, and changes in my work structure. I bring this up not to use as an excuse for not producing the articles that I’m expected to but more to highlight how the General Grand Council, when one of us is in need of support, rally together as a team and support whomever is in need. Making sure that we all continue to succeed in the tasks we are committed to accomplishing. Being a part of a great, well-functioning team is not only vital to success but also makes the trials and labors enjoyable and personally rewarding. It is that spirit of teamwork, building a crew, and developing a secure future for Cryptic Masonry will drive the topics of my next several articles. 

Below is an outline of the living plan for a path forward for the General Grand Council. My articles for the next several months will discuss these topics and put the projected path in front of the Craft so that we can work together to create the future of Cryptic Masonry that preserves our traditions and creates communication channels within the Masonic Family. The purpose of the list is to cover the important and imperative topics, the desired result of the communication is sharing ideas to make our organization better for everyone. Please communicate with me if you see something missing!

Strategic Plan

  1. Organizational Infrastructure
    1. Communication
    2. Provincial Model
    3. Activated Roles
  2. Finance
    1. Budget and Finance
    2. Corporate Foundation
    3. Alternative Income Programs
  3. Member and Community Engagement
    1. Ritual and Monitor
    2. Member Engagement
    3. Community Engagement
  4. Education
    1. Esoteric Studies
    2. Leadership Fundamentals
    3. Community
  5. Leadership Development
    1. Strategic Planning
    2. Parliamentarianism
    3. Decorum
  6. CMMRF
    1. Education/Community Outreach
    2. Fundraising
    3. Clinical Trial Participation

Monty Glover, Deputy General Grand Master

As we approach the final year of the current triennium I want to encourage anyone who is thinking about throwing their hat in the ring to run for an elective office in the General Grand Council to start their labors early by stepping up and taking part in the work that the General Grand Council is doing. This will give any perspective officers and opportunity to be a part of the team and show their dedication to move Cryptic Masonry forward around the world.

Under the direction of MP David anyone who announces their candidacy for a position in the next Triennial will be offered an opportunity to participate in a committee. As a team member you will become a part of the process of developing and sharing ideas while leveraging each other’s strengths so that you will be energized and committed to produce real lasting results. This will afford you the opportunity to interact directly with the General Grand Executive line and become a part of the team. 

But before you rush out, be well assured of your dedication to labor in the Cryptic Quarries. I want to give everyone a chance to shine so that the voting membership can make an informed decision, not based on popularity, but on real deeds done for the future of Cryptic Masonry.

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