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Northwest Regional Recorder\’s Meeting – March 4, 2021

Northwest Regional Recorder\’s Meeting – March 4, 2021
Submitted by Stephen Balke, General Grand Recorder, Cryptic Masons International

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Photo Credit; MIC John Bridegroom


On March 4, a conference call was held with the Northwest Regional Recorders. A summary of the call is below.


  1. Grand Sessions are March 6, 2021 (virtual)
    1. 8:00 AM AST
    2. Appendant & Concordant bodies to start first
    3. No Awards



  1. Grand Sessions April 16 & 17
    1. Awards have been turned in to GGC
  2. Governor just allowed up to 50 people
    1. Registration is going slowly
    2. GGM will be in attendance



  1. Governor has allowed meetings with limited seating
    1. Still meeting Virtually, 4/10, for Grand Commandery only
      1. Chapter & Council held over until 2022
    2. Awards are up in the air at this time
    3. No degree work at this time.


  1. Grand Sessions 5/14&5/15 – Virtual
    1. Grand Chapter 8-12 followed by Grand Council 1-5 on the 14th
    2. Different registration number for each. There will be separate meetings. Registrants should not share their links
    3. Grand Commandery 8-12 on the 15th. 
      1. If needed, anything left over from CH or CO.
      2. There will be a meeting tomorrow for planning. Virtual meeting – David will send the link to Steve.
  2. Awards are coming into GGC.
    1. Need lead time!!! 
  3. MWGM – Edict prohibits Masonic meetings – anticipated through June 14, 2021 (Grand Lodge)


  1. Down to 425 average age 65.6
  2. Grand Sessions
    1. Cheyenne, WY
    2. September 16-19 (Council morning of the 18th)
  3. Meeting (Local authority)
  4. March 27 – West State Festival
  5. Awards in by EOM April.

Region: Regional Conference

  1. Oct 15-16, 2021
  2. Red Lion, Boise ID – June planned for registration to be open at

Steve will put out a poll for a more convenient time for this meeting.  We have gotten GREAT communication and help from the Grand Encampment. Monty will have an article in the May edition of the KT Magazine – in place of the Grand Master.  Grand Recorders/Treasurers meeting will be on Friday 8/14/2021 in the morning


We are looking to see what works where.  State Coordinator – we are looking for someone that will communicate with the State Chair, set up and run Zoom meetings, and communicate at Regional Assemblies.

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