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North Central Region Happenings

North Central Region Happenings
Submitted by Steve Balke, General Grand Recorder, Cryptic Masons International

Anthony T. Johnson
North Central Regional Deputy General Grand Master


On early January 6, a regional conference call was held wih the North Central Region Grand Recorders. These calls will be mentioned in the Decryption as a way to nofify every Companion of what is happening with each Region. The Jurisdictional Highlights of the call are below. Other Regional Calls will be covered in the upcoming weeks.

  1. General Grand Council Updates
    1. Michele Balke has joined the office staff
    2. The office has been moved to Estancia, New Mexico
    3. The forms changes (splitting Cryptic Mason of the Year and Adult Youth Leader are reflective of the Trustees recommendation that awards be given as appropriate – while CMY is good for Sessions, the AYLA may be better to present at a Grand Assembly (IORG), Grand Bethel (Jobs) or Grand Convention/Conclave (DeMolay).
  2. 2020 Jurisdictional Events
    1. Iowa: February 29: Super Excellent Master Degree at Scottish Rite Des Moines
    2. Nebraska: March 7: Royal Arch Mason Degree
    3. Nebraska: March 28: Royal and Select Master Degree
  3. 2020 Grand York Rite Sessions
    1. Iowa: Not scheduled yet, will likely be around July 2020
    2. Minnesota: June 25-27 (Council and Chapter on the 26)
    3. Nebraska: April 16-18 (April 17 Chapter/Council Banquet)
    4. North Dakota: April 24-25
    5. South Dakota: September 18-19
    6. Wisconsin: September 12, Milwaukee
  4. 2020 Grand Lodge Communications
    1. Iowa: September 17-19
    2. Minnesota: April 2-3
    3. Nebraska: February 7-8
    4. North Dakota: June 11-14
    5. South Dakota: June 18-20
    6. Wisconsin: June 4-6

Please look to the calendar for expanded information which will be posted as we receive it.

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