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Meranda Hillock: New CMMRF Office Manager

Meranda Hillock: New CMMRF Office Manager
Submitted by Gary Wyne, Executive Secretary, CMMRF

Meranda Hillock
New CMMRF Office Manager


In early January, Leah Jackson retired as Office Manager of CMMRF and Meranda Hillock replaced her. There are a few changes to note with the transition:

  1. The fax number is now: 844-901-1489
  2. The mailing address is now:
    P.O. Box 210
    Brownsburg, Indiana 46112-0210
  3. Meranda\’s email address is
  4. The telephone number remains the same: 812-988-8861

With this transition, we regret the retirement of Leah but anxiously look forward to working with Meranda. Leah had faithfully served CMMRF since 2002, preferring to stay in the background rather than out front. There are not words to thank her for all her contributions through the years.

Leah Jackson
Retiring CMMRF Office Manager

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