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Mid-Atlantic Regional Recorder\’s Meeting – May 27, 2021

Mid-Atlantic Regional Recorder\’s Meeting – May 27, 2021
Submitted by Stephen Balke, General Grand Recorder, Cryptic Masons International

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Photo Credit; MIC John Bridegroom


On May 27, a conference call was held with the Mid-Atlantic Regional Recorders. A summary of the call is below.


  • All bodies are able to open.
  • York Rite will be dark until September.
  • Degrees
    • Council – 1 day class – October 16, 2021
      • Dover
  • Grand Lodge
    • Edict – 100% capacity
    • 3ft Social Distancing
    • Food must be served.

District of Columbia

  • Grand Lodge of DC Semi-Annual Communication by Zoom on May 12, 2021 at 7:30PM
  • June 1, Grand Lodge opening up optional face-to-face meeting in District of Columbia.
  • August 15, Grand Lodge full opening (tentatively)
  • Grand Chapter waiting for full opening, most likely September 1, 2021
  • Grand Council not yet decided


  • The Semi-Annual Grand Assembly (and Convocation & Conclave) have been held…budgets approved and officers for 2021 – 2022 elected…to be installed in October 2021 in Ocean City, MD.
    • MIGM Randolph S. Disney, RIDGM William C. Hare, and RIGPCW Spyridon G. Treklas were re-elected for a second term.   MIPGM John A. Rafine was re-elected as Grand Treasurer, and RI Comp. Vernon Huebschman was reelected Grand Recorder…
    • The Budgets for 2022 were read and approved including funding for a statewide conferral of the Super Excellent Master Degree…which has been conferred in the Maryland Scottish Rite Temple the last three times we have worked this very large scale degree.  The stage and auditorium are a great fit for the cast and candidates.   More details on time & place to come.
  • Our CMMRF Chairman Louis P. Romeo Jr.  concluded the first fundraising raffle for 2021 netting $145 for CMMRF.  Our restricted access to each other has limited our ability to reach out to our usual contacts.   But a second raffle is planned…to conclude at the Annual YR Sessions in October.
  • THe Grand Commandery of Maryland has announced its plans to hold a week long celebration of its 150th Anniversary from September 11 -18, 2021.   The Order of the Red Cross and Order of Malta will be conferred on the first weekend, and the Order of the Temple on the second.   Chapters and Councils are asked to accelerate their Degree conferrals to get their candidates ready for the Orders in September.  It is preferred that the first two Orders be conferred in the local Commanderies if possible.
  • The Grand Commandery is seeking to alter the format for the Annual YR Sessions in October.   They don\’t want to meet in the Friday slot which is their turn this year.  The Grand Commander wants to hold all three YR Grand Meetings on Saturday so the Grand Commandery is not inconvenienced with the Friday assignment.   Debate continues on this subject.   
  • The State of Maryland has removed all Covid Restrictions for public meetings and the Grand Lodge has followed suit immediately.   Two counties and the City of Baltimore maintain limit restrictions which affect only one York Rite Center.
  • Maryland\’s York Rite Grand Sessions are set for October 22, 23, 2021 at the Dunes Manor Hotel on the Boardwalk in Ocean City, Maryland.  The order of the meetings is still pending.  The banquet and awards presentations are set for Saturday evening.  Please share this calendar note with your MIGM for his planning.  Invitations will go out after July 1, 2021.   This year we will experiment with the use of electronic payments…our Grand Treasurers in the three Grand Bodies are working on setting up the details and mechanisms for this innovation in our procedures.
  • The Grand Lecturer, MIPGM Randy Watson is working on a revision of the Maryland Council Ritual Book, using a format similar to the recent Grand Chapter expanded Ritual.
  • MIGM Randy Disney is mending from a recent surgery to address a major illness.  He is out and about traveling to Councils again.  Prayers are still welcome.
  • The fourth Annual School for Secretaries, Recorders & Treasurers is being planned for February 2022 on the weekend of the Grand Masters Conference of North America.   We avoid conflicts with the MWGM\’s schedule when we know he is out of town for the weekend.  The Grand Lodge graciously allows theYR to use spaces in the their building for this event.  We have four new Secretaries and five new Recorders this year.   
  • MD posted a link to the IRS 990N Report page on the gateway page of our Website….really a big help to our officers. 
  • Been conferring degrees at the local meetings of Chapter and Council.

New Jersey

  • MI William E Sharp recently had Cataract Surgery, infection developed – recovery ongoing. Follow up to occur on June 2nd.
  • RI Comp McNorton filling in for Official Visits.
  • In person Assemblies occurring while adhering to Social Distancing, attendance (50) and mask protocols.
  • Subordinate Councils are rehearsing to sharpen skills and prepare for upcoming Degrees – Dates TBD
  • GL of NJ holding a One Day Class outdoors on June 5th, MW Monacelli has invited all Appendant and Concordant Bodies to have tables set up and promote our Organizations. The three York Rite Bodies are partaking in this event. The MWGM has waived the 6 month rule (can not petition other Bodies prior to 6 months of being Raised) to encourage membership.


  • Local York Rite bodies are meeting virtually through June – optional to meet in person, but taking the virtual option to protect the Craft.


  • Annual Convocation – Williamsburg, VA – November.
    • Do a Silver Trowel Degree
    • May have a Council starting or started.

West Virginia

  • Grand Convocation – October 22-24 ?

Mid Atlantic

  • VA/DC/MD/DE – Chapter (NJ invited)
    • September 18, 2021
    • Hosted in Newport, Delaware


  • 103K – EOM April good followup for doubling 1st Quarter – 76K – from entire history.
  • Fantastic participation from the Mid-Atlantic!
    • District of Columbia over $25 per capita in donations.

General Grand Council

  • Thank you for all you are doing!
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