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Mid-Atlantic Regional Recorder\’s Meeting – March 25, 2021

Mid-Atlantic Regional Recorder\’s Meeting – March 25, 2021
Submitted by Stephen Balke, General Grand Recorder, Cryptic Masons International

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Photo Credit; MIC John Bridegroom


On March 25, a conference call was held with the Mid-Atlantic Regional Recorders. A summary of the call is below.


  • The annual session was held two weeks ago. All officers stayed in place except for Mark Irwin who is now Grand Treasurer.
  • One council is meeting in person
  • All Blue lodges are meeting in person
  • Two Commandery meeting in person
  • End of this month – Grand Lodge Semi-Annual Communication, in person. Spacing requirements are being met.
  • York Rite canceled plan for Spring.

District of Columbia

  • Grand Sessions was this past Saturday.
  • Monty: Marcel was elected GM. Attended a Triangle Council. Was long and went well.


  • Holding Semi-Annual Grand Convocation & Assembly on May 8, 2021
  • Council 9a; Chapter 1p; Commandery scheduled for the 27th (last Sat. in May)
  • All meetings at the Grand Lodge building.
  • Conferring of degrees on April 24th – Thrice Illustrious Master Degree
  • No pending legislation for the Semi-Annual.
  • Chapters & Councils are open throughout the state and active. Commandery is still shut down.
  • Fourth weekend in October is the Sessions.
  • Recorders Conference is located on the website. Website is being improved. Conference is 4.5 hours long.

New Jersey

  • March 6 – Annual Grand Assembly, Chapter, and Commandery – all went well.
  • Grand Recorder and Grand Treasurer stepped down; meetings with the new replacements and transitioning. Elective Line is in communication and Councils are informed.
  • MIGM edict; limitation of 25 for in-person gatherings; conducting Zoom meetings until April.
  • Degrees are scheduled tentatively. May be backed up til September.
  • Lectures are being presented over Zoom.


  •  No report


  •  No report

West Virginia

  • No report


  • Promoting the GGC48 Official Tie
  • Promoting/feature for an article in the Decryption


  • An individual who will be sending a check for $5000 from Taiwan. The gift will put us right at $50,000 for our deadline of April.
  • The greater goal of $500,000 by the end of 2021.
  • Triennial: Workshop for State CMMRF Chairman. To promote their learning of their positions.

General Grand Council

  • Youth Advocate Award: Focused on recognizing the adults in your community who go above and beyond in educating the youth.
  • First session of the Triennial; August 13 & 14: Focused on legislation that was not taken care of previously and a charter for Germany.
  • Friday 13; CMMRF meeting; education for State Chairs and general information.
  • Dinner on Friday night; Aloha attire;
  • Fireside Chat is canceled this month for Holy observances. It will be scheduled for April.
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