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MIC G. Gordon Goodman (1920-2020)

Most Illustrious Companion G. Gordon Goodman
Past Most Illustrious Grand Master of Michigan
1920 – June 6, 2020

MIC G. Gordon Goodman
PMIGM of Michigan


It is my sad duty to in form you that on 6 June, 2020 that our dear friend and devoted servant of the Craft Most Illustrious Companion G. Gordon Goodman answered the Summons of the Supreme Architect of the Universe and has joined the chorus invisible in the everlasting joy of the Celestial City.

Most Illustrious Companion G. Gordon Goodman, was born in Cornwall, England in 1920. He enlisted the Royal Air Force in 1938 and served King and Country until the end of the Second World War. After the war he emigrated to the United Stated in 1946 and became a citizen in 1950.

He joined Acacia Lodge #477 in Detroit and was raised to the Sublime Degree of a Master Mason on February 21, 1956.

He joined Acacia Chapter #168 Royal Arch Masons and was exalted a Royal Arch Mason on December 13, 1956. He served as Most Excellent Grand High Priest in 1972. He was as greeted a Super Excellent Master on April 15, 1961 and served Jeremiah Council #88 as TIM in 1976 and served as Most Illustrious Grand Master in 1982.

He was one of the originators of the \”Yooper Council\” Degree conferred on all during the Grand Councils Annual Trip to the Upper Peninsula. It is during this most impressive ceremony that we learn that the \”G\” in every lodge actually stands for G. Gordon Goodman.

He received his Order Knight of York in 1963, in Prince Edwin York Rite College #8. He awarded the Order of the Pur-ple Cross in 1968 and served as Grand Governor of Michigan.

He was a member of Jefferson Chapter #489 Order of the Eastern Star, Michigan Priory #22 KYCH and many other ma-sonic bodies here in Michigan and in his adopted home state of Florida.

Accordingly, it the ORDER of our Most Illustrious Grand Master, Gene E. Newman that the charter of every constituent council of Michigan be draped for a period of (60) sixty days in tribute to our be-loved companion.

From the S.V.,

Robert O. Troutman, PMIGM
Grand Recorder
Grand Council of Royal and Select Masons of Michigan

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