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It\’s Not What We Do, It\’s Why We Do It



Since 2018, there have been close to 200 articles submitted to the General Grand Council. THANK YOU to all who have contributed – your work is appreciated.

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We have given you plenty of information about CMMRF, what we do, and what we are planning to do. What you might not know is WHY we do it. CMMRF is working on medical issues that affect US. Abdominal Aortic Aneurysm isn\’t something that affects the general population. It affects our age group. Heart Disease and Strokes affect our age group. Peripheral Artery Disease affect US. Diabetes and Cancer… they affect US.

We aren\’t supporting a for-profit business with their research. We are funding research at Indiana University, and that research is producing proven treatments for diseases that affect US. We have been doing it for decades. So let\’s take a step back and think outside of the science, just for a minute, and look at what we are actually funding. We are funding research that will improve OUR quality of life and prolong OUR health. CMMRF is funding the research that affects OUR families, OUR friends, OUR Companions. US. And how they are accomplishing it is pretty exciting too.

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