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It\’s Your Flag

It\’s Your Flag
By Right Puissant Companion Wayne Long
Northwest Region Deputy General Grand Master

United Status Flag

On November 11, 2020, we celebrated Veterans Day. The significant date of November 11th was the result of the end of World War 1 when on the “Eleventh Hour of the Eleventh Day of the Eleventh Month” in 1918 we say “the War to End All Wars” came to an end.

Though Veterans Day was originally called “Armistice Day” it was to pay tribute to those that served in the military, those that gave their all, and those that served with Pride and Honor to our country.

With the onset of World War II and Korea and extended military actions throughout the world presently, we saw first in 1954, the word “Veteran” replaced “Armistice” and signed into law by President Eisenhower.

We now recognize November 11th as the official date to honor our Veterans who served and sacrificed for the good of the country, Patriots all, a day to remember what we are because they served.

“Yes, It’s Your Flag,” the Red White and Blue. Yes, the flag in the picture is mine but was once before me a veteran’s flag which he carried in Afghanistan and displayed it proudly.

As Cryptic Masons, we also have a history of dedication to our Craft. We have a responsibility to follow the lessons learned in our degrees and a solemn pledge to Preserve the Craft, thus serving our craft building a band of brothers building a better life for all in our Craft and Communities.

“Yes, It’s Your Flag,” Let us not to Remember what it stands for.
Let us not forget to Honor its history.
Let us not to forget to practice our Craft for
“Participation Equals Preservation”

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