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Introducing the First Responders Award

By Stephen A. Balke, General Grand Recorder


An integral part of every community is the service provided by those who choose to put themselves in harm’s way daily as their vocation: Firefighters, Emergency Medical Technicians, Paramedics, and Law Enforcement. They preserve life and liberty to our benefit and are worthy of recognition for the life and career they have chosen, and a “Thank You” from all of us.

This award is an acknowledgement of their service. It is available in two forms: one for a Master Mason in Good Standing, a certificate and medal; and one for a non-affiliated person who receives the same certificate but is given a lapel pin. Either award may be sponsored by a Cryptic Council or Cryptic Mason.


We have structured this award as a recognition and outreach tool “to and through the Lodge”. It will allow our Councils to promote good will and acknowledge these important contributors. If used as such, may introduce some to Masonry and to the local Lodge. Presentation may be at any non-tiled event, or in a Cryptic Council meeting.

The costs of these awards are $25.00 for the medal/certificate and $15.00 for the lapel pin/certificate, and add $5.00 to give the lapel pin with the medal. This pays for the cost of production and processing, with revenues in excess of expenses associated being contributed to our Corporate Fund. These are scheduled to be available by September 15.

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