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Intro to Puzzles Column
By Right Illustrious Companion Jarod Stanley
Grand Recorder, Grand Council of Mississippi

RIC Jarod Stanley
Grand Recorder, Grand Council of Mississippi


Companions, it is my honor to be invited to participate, in some measure, in this Decryption. Thank you for having me. Among other duties, I serve as the Grand Recorder in the Grand Council of Mississippi. Though most might recognize me from my YouTube videos, which you can find here: Should you care to learn more about me, or what other offerings I have published, please see my website, here:

Introductions having been made, I would like to explain myself, in hopes of encouraging you.

I have heard for many, many years, that there used to be so many Freemasons it was easy to run across a Brother during any trip out of the house. As I started to wonder why it was not like this today, I did not search for what went wrong, but what I could do. Not “what is the most effective metric to improve” or “what marketing gimmick can I employ”, but what can I do?

For me, this relates to our Council degrees which, to me, have a heavy emphasis on the wisdom and purpose of preparation, that preparation which ensures that truth is never lost in the darkness. As such, I opted to put something out there… something that would, in my hope, last beyond me. That has effort has been made, and continues still, through videos, articles, and other creations.

Please allow me to encourage you do the same. There is something you can do. Do you not recall, in the Chapter, where you were asked what part of the work you were willing to undertake? Accordingly, ANYTHING you do that is positive, sheds Light, displays Brotherly Love, provides Relief, spreads Truth, is, in fact, helpful and needed. However, the same catch exists that barred your entry into Freemasonry… YOU had to ask… YOU have to act. I will spare you from trying to list out some potential activities you could do, because I expect you already know. You just have to be willing to pick up the working tools and perform the work… ANY work that promotes our noble and glorious undertaking.

When Lodges around the USA started to suspend work due to COVID-19, I noticed many, many posts on Facebook of Brethren saying how much they missed Lodge. Do not dwell in the problem, Companions… seek solutions. My humble submission to this problem was to provide something Brethren could do, in solitude if need be, that had a Masonic feel to it… I started making word puzzles. Word searches, Crosswords, you name it… just using a simple online puzzle generator. But then I realized the potential and came up with other puzzles to help add variety to my daily puzzle postings. My only point, Companions, is that there is something you can do… find it and do it.

In coordination with the General Grand Recorder, I will be providing a puzzle each week for the Decryption. I hope you find it to be something enjoyable, and will encourage other Companions to sign up and get the newsletter as well.

S&F, Jared

This week\’s puzzle:

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