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Grand York Rite of Utah Educational Series: September 22

Grand York Rite of Utah Educational Series: September 22
Submitted By Most Illustrious Companion Reed Fanning
Grand Master, Grand Council of Utah

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The Grand York Rite of Utah is starting a series of education presentations. The next presentation is September 22, 2020 at 7pm MST on Zoom. Ocar Allenye is presenting on 4 Questions and the Word. The Zoom link is in the flyer linked below. Below is the list of programs currently planned and details on the first presentation. After each presentation, a Grand Visitation will follow.

September 22, 2020: 4 Questions and the Word Flyer

Brother Oscar Alleyne is the Jr Grand Warden for the GL of NY for the term 2018-2021. He lectures internationally on historical, ritualistic, philosophical, leadership and other topics of Masonic interest and is a member of several Masonic research and invitational bodies.

He holds a Doctorate from the New York Medical College and is the Chief Program Officer at the National Association of County and City Health Officials in Washington, DC where he provides executive leadership, innovation and management of a multimillion dollar public health portfolio serving the 3000 local health departments across the country.

Upcoming Presentations
September 22, 2020: 4 Questions and the Word, Oscar Alleyne
October 5, 2020: Inspiration in Freemasonry: An Introduction to Rabbinical Kabbalah, Ben Williams
October 14, 2020: Astrotheology of the York Rite, Adam Goldman
November 18, 2020: The Early History of Royal Arch Masonry, Moises I. Gomez
December 9, 2020: The Cryptic Degrees: The Philosophical Rite and their keys to the past and the future of Freemasonry, John Bridegroom
January 6, 2021: Symbols Most Sublime: A Review of the Symbols of Royal Arch Masons, Barry Newell
February 18, 2021: The Chamber of Reflection: A Revitalized and Misunderstood Practice

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