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Grand Master of Massachusetts First Responders One Day Class



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Submitted by Right Illustrious Companion Stephen A. Rubinstein

\"GrandGrand Master\’s First Responder Class


On Saturday September 11, (9/11) the Grand Lodge, A.F.& A.M. of Massachusetts held a one day class honoring First Responders. Contact was made with the Grand Master, to see if he would allow the General Grand Council to present our First Responders Award to those in the class who qualified as active or retired First Responders. He endorsed the program and 15 out of a class of 107 qualified for the Award.

Since the Grand Council of Royal and Select Masters of Massachusetts is not a current member of General Grand Council, they were offered the opportunity to participate in the program as well. After further consultation, the other two York Rite Bodies, the Grand Royal Arch Chapter of Massachusetts (also not a member of the General Grand Chapter) and the Grand Commandery of Massachusetts and Rhode Island decided to be part of a joint York Rite presentation.

This coincided with the introduction of new marketing materials developed by the three York Rite Bodies, and the presentation of the jewels and materials should increase the profile of the York Rite in Massachusetts.

A report on the success of this program will be presented at the Annual Session of the Grand Council of Royal and Select Masters at their Annual Assembly later in October.




\"ViewView of Massachusetts Grand Lodge filled with veteran Brothers and new members of the Craft

\"MEPhoto (l to r) ME Ernest Bean, GHP of Massachusetts, RI Stephen Rubinstein, DGM of N.Y. and GGC Ambassador to Massachusetts, and MI Andrew Maninos, MIGM of Massachusetts standing at the table presenting new York Rite marketing materials

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