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Martin Faulks: Remembering the Royal Secret Video

Martin Faulks


On January 9, 2022, Martin Faulks presented a presentation entitled \”Remembering the Royal Secret\”. The video for this presentation is now available at the link below. In 1977 Renaissance scholar and memory expert Dame Frances Yates was viewing a collection of Masonic prints. She paused on a symbolic woodcut and her heart skipped a beat. Before her was evidence of a powerful and sacred tradition hidden in ritual, she had discovered the Royal Arch! But why was an expert in the history of memorization studying Freemasonry and what was it she saw in the Chapter traditions of such antiquity and value? Join Masonic author and memory expert Martin Faulks to explore this mystery.

Remembering the Royal Secret Video

About Martin Faulks

Born in Norfolk Martin Faulks now lives in Ely with his fiancee. 

During his youth Martin became a proficient martial artist, winning three gold medals at the regional level in the Korean art of Kuk Sool Won. His love of sport extended to fencing and boxing, and he achieved the status of Norfolk Fencing Champion in 1993. During this time Martin developed a great interest in meditation and its related disciplines, drawing inspiration from both the Eastern and Western traditions. A discipline that has truly become his greatest calling in life and has seen him travel to Japan, Egypt, Sri Lanka and the Mediterranean to seek out and train with great masters. His works on these subjects include ‘The Emerald Tablet: A Commentary on the Path of the True Adept’, ‘Shugendo: The Way of the Mountain Monks’, and ‘Adepthood: Complete Success on All Levels’.

Martin’s interest in history and philosophy first led him to Freemasonry in 2001 and he was initiated into Burlington Lodge No. 96. Martin is an active member of Burlington, having been Assistant Director of Ceremonies for three years and Charity Steward for four. One of the earliest founded lodges in England, Burlington was the first ever to have an Inner Guard. It was also one of the two founding lodges of the Emulation Lodge of Improvement, which went on to found Emulation Ritual, the most popular form of Masonic Craft Ritual in the United Kingdom today.

Having found a passion for Freemasonry, Martin, who was at the time running a book distribution company, felt he would like to put more into the Craft and so joined Lewis Masonic, first as Marketing Manager before being promoted to General Manager in 2012. Through his work with Lewis, Masonic Martin has made it his duty to help spread the good works of Freemasonry and promote a positive image.

Other Masonic appointments include exaltation into the Royal Arch Chapter Faithful 85 in Harleston, Norfolk in 2005 and membership of Cabbell Lodge no 807 in Norwich, where Martin held the position of Master in 2008, but retired from the lodge after his year in the chair due to time restrictions. He is also a Past Master of Canonbury Tower Lodge, which meets in the spectacular surroundings of Canonbury Tower in Islington, London. The former home of Sir Francis Bacon, this lodge is filled with some of the most interesting and scholarly minds in Freemasonry. Beyond the Craft, Martin has a keen interest in the higher reaches of Rosicrucianism and its related subjects.

2018 was a very exciting year for Martin. First, he published ‘A Mosaic Palace: Freemasonry and the Art of Memory’, a culmination of several years of research into the underlying structure of Masonry. His findings were first presented to QC Italy in Rome, and he has since given his talk to several other lodges and chapters. Secondly, he was honoured to receive London Grand Rank from the Metropolitan Grand Lodge in London.

To learn more about the Art of Memory and to see Martin Memorise a whole pack of cards please visit his YouTube channel.

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