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From the Cryptic Masons International Education Committee
By Right Illustrious Companion Adam Hathaway
Cryptic Masons International Education Committee

RIC Adam Hathaway


The General Grand Council presented an education presentation on April 10, 2022.  Right Illustrious Companion Adam Hathaway presented an educational program entitled Seeking Cryptic Truths.  The video is now available and is linked below.

Illustrious Companion Adam L. Hathaway is a Past Grand Master of Masons in New Mexico and Grand Principal Conductor of the Work of the Grand Council of Royal and Select Masters of New Mexico. He currently serves on the General Grand Council Education Committee and is a past chairman. He is also a faculty member of the York Rite Leadership Team. As a Professional Registered Parliamentarian, Adam teaches parliamentary procedure and leadership locally and internationally. Adam has a Bachelor’s Degree in Organizational Communication and a Master’s in Public Administration.

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