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General Grand Recorder Reassigned



David A. Grindle
General Grand Master

In accordance to Bylaws Article III – Of Duties of Officers and Committees, Section 312 Vacancies, C., I accepted the resignation of RPC Bechler effective August 31st.On August 17, 2018, we received a letter from Right Puissant Companion Bryan D. Bechler, General Grand Recorder, announcing his intentions to resign the position effective August 31st, 2018.  This resignation was due to the increased workload of his occupation and concerns for the health of family members.  These were taking more of his time and not allowing him to devote the time necessary to do the duties of the General Grand Recorder.

The Board of Trustees has offered the position to Companion Stephen A. Balke, Most Illustrious Grand Master of New Mexico and chairman of the Technology/Automation Committee.  He has accepted the


Stephen A. Balke
General Grand Recorder

Bryan Bechler
Regional Deputy GGM

position and been installed as the General Grand Recorder.  RPC Balke will be transmitting an introduction letter to all Grand Recorders and General Grand Constituent Recorders in the coming days.  The email for the General Grand Recorder,, will not change.

In addition, we have created another Region.  This region will include the three Canadian Grand Councils.  RPC Bechler has been installed as the Regional Deputy General Grand Master for this new Region.


David A. Grindle, KYGCH, GGOSV
General Grand Master

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