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Deputy General Grand Master: Our Awards

Deputy General Grand Master: Our Awards
Monty Glover, Deputy General Grand Master, Cryptic Masons International

Monty Glover
Deputy General Grand Master
Cryptic Masons International


Aloha and Fraternal Greetings Companions!

We have been working on planning for the next Triennium and one of the best strategies for improving an organization is to start with your resources – make sure you\’re using them to the best that they can be. In our discussions, we have been working on some new ideas, but also looking for ways to use what we already have better.

The General Grand Council has several awards. Some of them are a benefit to our Councils and Grand Councils, and some of them are used to show appreciation to people who support our work while also contributing to our endowment. In both of these situations, there are some opportunities to get more bang for our effort by HOW we give them to people.

Recognizing our hard working Companions is important, and it\’s vital that they should be recognized in front of their peers – we should give the Cryptic Mason of the Year, the 10% Gain Certificate, the Ritual Award, and the Mordhurst Award at our Grand Assembly because the people receiving them are getting them for their work in their Council and Grand Council. Ladies of the Council should definitely be recognized in front of as many Cryptic Masons(and other Ladies) as possible!

The Veterans Medal and First Responder awards are based on service outside Masonry. The Veterans Medal has to be TO a Cryptic Mason, so giving these out at the Grand Assembly or at a Council Assembly will work. However, it could also be given at a Veterans event sponsored by the Craft or by another community organization. The First Responder Award was actually made to recognize ANYONE who has signed on to work to help the community. Since you don\’t even have to be a Mason to receive it, there are other opportunities to present, like at your Lodge dinner, inviting their co-workers and making it a community appreciation event. A ceremony can be held at their place of work, at the fire house with their Chief or Police Station. This not only recognizes their efforts in front of their peers, but it also shows their peers that we as Masons recognize all of them, and the sacrifices they make for our health and safety.

The Adult Youth Leader Award is actually for Masonic Youth organizations, but it could easily be said that it should be given at the recipient\’s event. This is an opportunity to go to a Youth Group event wearing purple and show them in front of the other Advisors and the youth participants that we Council members care and support their efforts.

When giving an award, paid or that is provided, I encourage you to pick your audience. The more you make it their event, the more it will make a positive impact. While it may be a little more effort, the benefit is huge.

In addition, Vernon Huebschman, Grand Recorder of Maryland, on a conference call with the other Grand Recorders of his Region which I also attended, said \”why can\’t we do both.\” What an idea – not wrestling with how to get them to your Sessions without telling them AND then having a second opportunity to show appreciation. Give it to them at THEIR event, then invite them to YOURS.

Remember, its not always what you have, but how you use it.

Aloha Companions

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