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Colorado 2018 – Grand Council


Roy A. Snyder
Ambassador for Colorado


Greetings Cryptic Masons where ever dispersed in the world:

The Grand York Rite Session of Colorado will be in Colorado Springs, Colorado.  This is the first time we have met in this location, as for the past four years, we have gathered at a hotel in Denver, Colorado. Besides changing the venue location, we are going from a three-day event to a two-day event. This is being done to see if we might generate a larger turnout of companions by not having them take a Thursday Friday off work, but only a Friday.  I will report on the result after our Grand Session.  The Grand Session will open on Friday morning September 7th, by the Grand Chapter, followed by the Grand Commandery opening up Saturday morning September 8th and the Grand Council opening on the afternoon the same day. 

Even though this is a two-day event, we will be conferring   The Order of the Silver Trowel”, “ Order of High priesthood” and the “Past Commanders Order”  on Thursday, September 6th, beginning early afternoon. I mention this because in the past we have conferred one of these each day for the three day Grand Session. 

Another change to our format is that we will be utilizing both a hotel and the Colorado Springs Masonic Center for all Masonic activities and using the Hotel for those coming from around the state and those coming from other jurisdictions as well as having the Grand York Rite Banquet at the hotel. The Dinner for the KYCH will be Thursday night with the ladies in attendance. After dinner, the men will retire to attend the KYCH meeting and the ladies will have separate entertainment.  By the way, there is usually a designated place at the hotel to gather after dinner,  smoke cigars, drink whiskey and enjoy each others company. Of course, our ladies are invited to join in on the fun.

The Grand Council will open up their session at 1:30 PM on Saturday the 8th with business meeting to follow.  Installation for the Grand Council Officer’s will take place at 4: PM. 

For those who may be interested in taking the trip to Pike’s Peak, this will commence on Sunday, September 9th, early in the morning. Every year the Cryptic Masons of Kansas come out to inspect the time capsule that was first place at the top of Pike’s Peak in 1899.

For the ladies on September 7th, there will be a trip to Manitou Springs, a short distance from Colorado Springs, where they will have lunch and a scavenger hunt which I hear will be a great time.

I invite all York Rite Masons to attend this Grand Session, you can find information regarding this event on our website

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