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Cody Eiss, First Responder Award

Submitted by Illustrious Companion Robert Mullis, Recorder, Monroe, North Carolina York Rite Bodies

Detective Cody Eiss (Left) and IC Robert Mullis (Right)


The Monroe Masonic Lodge attended the police officers award ceremony presided over by Mayor Bobby Kilgore and police chief Brian Gillard.  Detective Cody Eiss was presented a First responders service award on behalf of Monroe York Rite bodies and the Most Puissant General Grand Council of Cryptic Masons International.

We asked police chief Gillard to recognize an officer that exhibited the best of Masonic values around charity and morality, and who exemplified exceptional service to his or her community.  Detective Eiss was who came to mind. We thank all of our first responders, and especially Detective Cody Eiss for his service to the community as a whole and hope this token of our esteem earns a place of pride on his wall.   Thank you Detective!

The Monroe York Rite bodies are planning to continue this effort by recognizing a firefighter.  They are also planning a First Responders Breakfast for the fall.

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