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CMMRF Update: March 1, 2022

CMMRF Update March 1, 2022
By Right Puissant Companion G. Thomas Taylor
General Grand Principal Conductor of the Work


I have taken a break from writing articles about CMMRF for the last few weeks. Do not mistake this for a waning interest in CMMRF; quite the opposite. We have set a goal of reaching total donations of $500,000 in 2022. We fell a little short last year but ’22 will be the year we hit the goal!

We continue to visit Councils, Grand Councils, and other bodies to solicit support for the lifesaving research being carried out in the Labs of Indiana University. I reference a recent article in the Decryption announcing the ARREST Clinical trials of a vaccine for Aortic Aneurisms. A very great step forward in the development of stem cell therapy.

We often talk about using social media, Amazon, and grocery shopping to support CMMRF. Here are some numbers that bring the point home. In 2021, CMMRF received just short of $10,000. Thank you to everyone who took the opportunity to celebrate a birthday or other milestone event to promote giving to CMMRF. To date in 2022 CMMRF has received almost $2,000 from this source! Amazon Smile program, the money contributed by Amazon because you listed CMMRF as your charity added $1,000. This is a corporate donation that we would not have otherwise receive. Most important it did not cost an individual any more. The amount of funds we have received from the Kroger family of stores is about $100. All of these sources add to the funds we have available for Stem Cell Research.

Where do we stand today? Thanks to a very generous bequeath, CMMRF has collected just over $85,000 to-date in 2022. Without the bequeath, our donations are running about even with last year. Please do not let up on the promotion of giving to CMMRF. We will need to keep up the pace to achieve our goal in 2022.

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