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CMMRF Trustee Nominations

CMMRF Trustee Nominations
Submitted by RPC Monty Glover, DGGM, President Board of Trustees, CMMRF

Monty Glover
Deputy General Grand Master
Cryptic Masons International


Greetings Companions,

Below you will find an announcement concerning a call for companions who desire to stand for election for a seat on the Board of Trustees of the Cryptic Mason Medical Research Foundation or CMMRF, as an At-Large Board Member. The information provided below is pretty clear cut. However, I would like to point out a few things.

This Board is a working Board. Our primary job is promoting the efforts of the CMMRF, educating our Companions and the public about the incredible research our Masonic Charity makes possible and continuously look for ways to raise donations to fund that research.

This position is one representing all of the Companions of the Cryptic Rite. Therefore, you must be willing to set aside your local Jurisdictional focus and to assume a focus on a much larger picture. That is not to say you must or should give up any local efforts you may be working on in your Jurisdiction. Please don\’t, but rather understand that when working with the CMMRF Board of Trustees, you must stretch your vision and ideas to encompass a much larger base.

If the Labor, worked in this Quarry, speaks to your heart, I encourage you to submit your intent to stand for election to the CMMRF Board of Trustees.

We are seeking these announcements in order to give our voting membership an opportunity to see who is seeking these positions well in advance of the Triennial session. Hopefully, the voting members will get to know you a bit by this means so they may make an informed decision.

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out to me at and I will do my best to answer them.

Fraternally yours,

Monty J. Glover, DGGM
President of the Board of Trustees
Cryptic Masons Medical Research Foundation


May 14, 2020

TO: All Members of the General Grand Council, Cryptic Masons International
RE: The Election of Three US and One Non-US Trustees at Large to the Board of Trustees, CMMRF

At the Triennial Assembly of the Cryptic Masons Medical Research Foundation Corporation, the President of the Board of Trustees and the Trustees anticipate the election of three, (3) US Jurisdictional, at-large Trustees and one (1) at-large member from a non-US Jurisdiction to the CMMRF Board of Trustees. The Board invites and encourages all Companions of the General Grand Cryptic Rite, interested in serving this great philanthropy, to submit their names for election. This submission must be done in writing and must happen on or before 2:00 PM, EDT, Wednesday, July 15, 2020.

The Companion’s letter of interest should include, but is not limited to, the following:
1. A statement of the Companion’s interest to serve on the CMMRF Board of Trustees.
2. A high-level resume’ of the Companion’s service and contributions to the Craft.
3. A recent picture, clad in appropriate Council attire.
4. A statement of qualities, ideas, service, etc. the Companion brings to the Board of Trustees.

This letter of interest must be submitted to the CMMRF Executive Secretary, Gary G. Wyne, (, by 2:00 PM, EDT on Wednesday, July 15, 2020. Secretary Wyne, will forward the received letters to the General Grand Recorder, who will circulate the letter to the General Grand Cryptic Craft. Only those letters properly received will be considered for election on Tuesday, September 29, 2020.

Monty J. Glover
President, CMMRF Board of Trustees
Attest: Gary G. Wyne
Executive Secretary, CMMRF

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