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CMMRF Seminar in Review



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CMMRF Seminar in Review
Submitted by Joe Rouse, MD, MIPGM in Arkansas, CMMRF Trustee

Joe Rouse
CMMRF Trustee


My thoughts during the most recent Trustee’s meeting and Scientific Seminar for CMMRF in Albuquerque, NM were very positive. There should be great praise given to our fraternity for what has been done for all humanity! To hear what Indiana University’s use of our donations is bringing to fruition makes me very proud. Very elevated scientific terms such as BUCHI, B395 encapsulation and Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells, and paracrine effect for salvage of heart cells with exosomes is over most of our heads, but just let me assure those who are reading these notes that this is cutting edge research into strengthening the patient’s amongst us who are in Heart Failure or those who have Diabetes.

Dr. Michael Murphy (professor, Chairman for Microvascular Research at Indiana University) is networking with many in this field of research such as Dr. Phillip Yang (from Stanford University). The research into microvesicles of the heart cells called mitochondria to give the heart muscles more energy is fantastic! What it boils down in meaning is the heart will beat better, and there will be better quality of life in a few more years for those with CHF (Congestive Heart Failure). The money we give to CMMRF is making this possible. At IU, focus is continuing on circulatory problems in our legs and how best to limit when an amputation will be either above or below the knee (which is critical to being able to walk with prosthetic devices) as well as the prevention of catastrophic rupture of Aortic Aneurysms in the abdomen. Other areas of research include Biomaterials, Hydrogels, Microspheres, Bioprinting and other cutting-edge research tools in regenerative medicine.

The seminar and board meeting in Albuquerque provided some other great starts for our charitable and board activities. Brian Ragain, RN of Oklahoma has put together a series of articles we are reviewing on each of the topics briefly mentioned above that will roll-out over the next few months. John Ridenour, MIPGM of Oregon, CMMRF Trustee is creating references that are usable by local CMMRF Chairs to work one of our Grand Councils, as well as a reference and toolkit for the Grand Council Committees and Chairs to have handy. And, last, but certainly not least, Dr. Murphy noted that an unexpected result came of this seminar event – upon seeing the direction and research being done, he put two of the scientists together on a new project using the Encapsulator funded by CMMRF and funded a project through CMMRF that will be one of the reports given in a year – at one (or more) of these seminars put on by CMMRF and a Grand Council. Exciting times and valuable progress from our Charity!

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