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CMMRF in Action: March 2022

CMMRF in Action: March 2022
By Right Puissant Companion G. Thomas Taylor
General Grand Principal Conductor of the Work

CMMRF Check Presentation to Dr. Mike Murphy

Last Fall, CMMRF solicited donations for a one-time gift to The Indiana University School of Cardio Vascular studies. The need was for reagents for use on the Codexx machine. The Codexx uses the reagents to stain stem cells to better identify a match of the cells. (Like many of you this all sounds highly technical. I kind of equate the work to facial recognition software. The more matching points, the more accurate the fit.) The reagents used are expensive. We successfully solicited $75,000 for the purpose of purchasing the reagents needed for the research we support.

Attached is a picture of Gary Wyne, Executive Secretary of CMMRF presenting Dr. Mike Murphy with the check for $75,000 for the reagents.

Companions, recently two close friends have lost body parts due to peripheral arterial disease. This is an area where stem cells have been used successfully to prevent amputations. Please considering redoubling your efforts to fund CMMRF.

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