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CMMRF Area Coordinators

CMMRF Area Coordinators
By Right Puissant Companion G. Thomas \”Tom\” Taylor III
General Grand Principal Conductor of the Work


As has been reported, CMMRF has been given a Challenge Gift of $50,000. We need to match this amount by April 1, 2021. In addition, the CMMRF has set a goal of raising $500,000 by the end of the year. In order to do accomplish our goals, a lot of man-hours work will be required. To lighten the load on the CMMRF Board, they have an authorized Area Coordinator. I believe we are off to a great start. I am including a chart that shows our progress through the end of January. The chart will be updated as we tally donations.

The duties of an Area Coordinator are to be a Cheerleader for CMMRF; to promote communication between State CMMRF Chairmen, and facilitate the sharing of ideas and programs. This can be accomplished by holding regular Zoom calls and one on one follow-up calls. There is no such thing as a bad idea. What works in one jurisdiction might not work in another but then again it may get you thinking about something similar that might. The Area Coordinators can help make fundraising happen.

To date, we have appointed 3 Area Coordinators. In the Northeast, Dick Fowler, PMIGM of New York has accepted the responsibility. Dick’s area covers from Maine to the District of Columbia. Sid Conley, MIGM of Alabama has accepted the responsibility for the Southeast/central area. Sid’s area covers the states of Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Arkansas. Todd Carpenter of Indiana has accepted the responsibility for the states of Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Illinois, Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, and Missouri. We are looking for someone in the West and if you are interested, please contact Tom Taylor, Vice President of the CMMRF Board at gtaylor858 AT

Companions with everyone\’s help, we can accomplish our goals. Please promote CMMRF in your Councils, Chapters, Lodges, wherever charitable donations are made.

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