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CMMRF – Diseased Arteries of the Legs

CMMRF – Diseased Arteries of the Legs
Brian Ragain, RN


Illustrious Companion Brian Ragain, RN, DDGIM OK

Approximately 3 million Americans suffer from Peripheral Artery Disease, otherwise described as the hardening of the arteries of the legs. This can be caused by fatty deposits and calcium buildup inside the arteries, also known as atherosclerosis. One of the main symptoms is pain when walking. Risk factors include increased age, smoking, diabetes, and high blood pressure.

What is CMMRF doing about this? The team at Indiana University, with the aid of scientists in Japan, is injecting stem cells into the legs to improve circulation, which also happens to relieve pain and improve the chances of keeping your legs. The rehab that is necessary after an amputation is extensive. Some people never get used to using a prosthetic leg and decide to remain in a wheelchair or continue to use crutches. CMMRF is working on treatments to maintain existing blood flow and even reverse the problem itself!

Imagine if you or a loved one was told that they needed their leg amputated due to low blood flow. It is horrible news. The rehab needed to return to a normal lifestyle is difficult and is not always successful. Now imagine if your doctor presented you with another option to possibly prevent the surgery altogether! A donation to CMMRF is not just a donation; it is an investment into the future of medicine.

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